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Episode 7: Fallen Comrade... And Some Pigeons!Edit

Caboose drove Shiela straight into some marshy regions. They were linked toghether with a series of platforms. The GPS that Tex had stolen said the place was known as Guardian.

Church activated his helmet lights to peer through the fog. Something didn't seem right. Michal squirmed in his hands. He hugged him closer, just to be safe.

And then machine gun fire rocked the clearing.

Tex fired back immediatly from her position at the turret. The bullets shot through the area were the first volley had entered. A laugh echoed. Church felt a chill run down his back. He knew that voice... but it couldn't be... he was dead, Tex had killed him... But Church had come back, hadn't he? Ah, crap.

"You won't kill me as easily as the first time, Tex," the voice echoed through the foliage, "You're too slow now."

"Oh, crap," Church muttered again, "Tex, LOOK OUT!"

A black and white streak launched itself out of the foliage, and collided with Tex. Church saw the flash of a knife in its hand. He also noticed Tex fighting back.

It threw Tex back, launched itself at Church, landing right in front of him...

It took off it's helmet, revealing features Church knew too well. Brown military-cut hair, stubble underneath his chin, the black eyes...

"Hey, Church," Jimmy said, "Long time, no see."

To be continued...