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Episode 5: Bon Voyage

Wyoming lurched back as Church's slug struck him in the chest. He began to wonder if he would survive the battle. It wouldn't surprise him if he didn't. A honk sounded of to his left. "What the-" he said as the noise continued, "do I hear a locomotive?" At that moment, the Warthog sprang from nowhere, and Wyoming's vision went black.

Church ran towards the Reds, something which if this had been a normal day, he wouldn't dare to do. But now all he could focus on was the white soldier flattened beneath the Warthog's treads.

As he ran closer, he saw Tucker, Caboose, and Tex standing around the body. Tex held Michal in her arms. Church breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, this sucks." Tucker said, accuratley evaluating the situation.

"Yes," Church said, too tired to argue about what Tucker had just said, "this really sucks. A lot. A lot of lot."

Tex turned to him, and said, "I managed to put a tracking device on Wyoming. And once he teleports out of here with that time device, we can follow him."

Sure enough, Wyoming had disappeared.

"Okay," Church sighed, "I'm going after him. Any volunteers?"

"Oooh, me!" called out Caboose, his hand flashing wildly through the air, "I want to come with you Church."

"Me too," Tex said, shrugging her shoulders.

Church nodded. "Okay," he said again, "Caboose, get Shiela. Tex, we're taking Michal. Any questions?"

Everyone shook there heads.

Agent DC watched on the viewscreens as Wyoming was patched up behind him. He had no doubt that the simulation troopers would follow Wyoming. And that was exactly what he wanted them to do.

"How are you, Wyoming?" DC asked with a sense of relief. He hoped that Wyoming survived.

"Very well, DC," came the English accent through the plating that seperated DC from the sick man. DC chuckled.

"No need to be so formal," DC laughed again, "you call me by my real name. It's Jimmy. Just Jimmy."

Episode 6

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