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(Note: The song for the series is the Catalyst, by Linkin Park.)

Episode 4: Welcome Back

"Wyoming," the recently awoken Tex growled. The gun swiviled toward her instead of Church.

"Yes, Tex," Wyoming said, "I have just come to talk to Church, so please don't interrupt. It's quite rude." He turned to Church, "Now, nothing has gone according to plan. Your baby wasn't supposed to exist, and neither did this house, so I will ask a simple question, chap. Do you know why you're alive?"

"A fluke," Church said without thinking, "just a fluke."

"Not so. You see, in order to make sure Project Freelancer would survive, we had to make sure the simulation soldiers were completed. So we created a clone body based on the Directors notes, and put all the AIs inside you, forming the Alpha. A similar thing happened with Tex."

Church was silent for a moment. Then a blue streak collided with Wyoming. Caboose! The idiot slammed Wyoming into the floor, then hefted him out the window. A crash, and then a thump told them that Wyoming had hit the ground.

Church snapped into action. "Tex, get Michal. Caboose, tell the Reds we're under attack. I'll get a rifle and take Wyoming on, sniper to sniper."

Church reached the window and peared out, sniper rifle in hand. Where was Wyoming? At that moment, a sniper shot echoed through the canyon. Church zeroed in on it, and pulled the trigger. There was thok, and Wyoming grunted as the slug slammed into his chest. As he fell, a bullet raced out of his gun, and caught Church in the shoulder.

Church lurched back. "Crap," he muttered as he touched the wound. He slowly pulled some gauze out of his pocket, and wrapped the materiel around his wound. He had been reyling to much on his ability to turn into a ghost. Now that he was united with his AI, that wouldn't happen.

And things were starting to get interesting.

Episode 5

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