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Episode 2: Crime and PunishmentEdit

When Blue Team reached Red Base, the trial was already under way.

Donut had put on a judge's wig, and Simmons had been given a double-duty, both being court stenographer, as well as Grif's lawyer. Sare stood at a makeshift podium.

"Allright," he growled as the Blues sat down on the floor, "now that everyone's here, Donut, will you do the honors?"

"Court will commence," Donut said as he smashed his pistol on Sarge's favorite crate, "Call the first witness."

Simmons cleared his throat, caught up in the job assigned to him. "We would like to put Sgt. Sarge as a witness."

Sarge stepped up to the podium, and swore on Lopez's wrench. He then stood to the side as Simmons started to ask the questions.

"What exactly happened? In your own words."

"Well, I was trying to think up a plan on how to destroy the Blues now that they're back toghether, when Grif came in."


"I told him to help me, and he said he would, after he ate the ice cream I told him to eat 3 years ago."

"Did he come back?"

"Yes, but he fell asleep."

Simmons turned back to the audience, "It appears clear to me that this is a straightforward case."

"No duh, Sherlock, " Church muttered as he rolled his eyes.

Simmons continued, "Thus, because Grif techinacally responded to orders, he will only have to ignolage that he sucks."

"I SUCK!!!" Grif yelled, then ran off to eat some Oreos.

"Court adjourned," Donut said happily as he pulled off his judge's wig and took of his helmet, "and a good thing to, that helmet combined with the wig just screamed bad hair day."

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