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Episode 3: Meanwhile, on the Other Side of the CanyonEdit

Tex worked hard at the house she was making for Church, her, and Michal. The baby in question whined as he sat on the ground, playing with a pistol.

She wiped some sweat from her exposed forhead. She had taken off her helmet as the heat rolled across the canyon. Church and the rest of the team had gone off to some trial at the Red Base. She took advantage of this time to work on it.

"Boo." Church's voice echoed inside her ear. Her fist slammed out, and caught Church on the nose. He slammed into the ground.

"Ow," he cried as a stream of colorful language flew out of his mout. Michal laughed. "what did you do that for?"

"Well," she responded as she helped him up, "screaming didn't seem like a good reaction, so my fist did the scream for me."

"That was one heck of a scream," Church muttered as he pushed some of his stringy black hair out of his face. A yell echoed out of the canyon. Tucker bounded outside the hill, and came down to a dead stop.

"Wow," he said, smirking, "that was one big punch."

Church squirmed under the blankets. He had been living in the new house for less than an hour, and he already was uncomfortable on the first night. Tex was still in the bathroom, and he had just shaved. With no powder. He could still feel the pain.

Tex moved out of the bathroom. Church gulped nervously. Tex frowned, and asked him what was wrong.

"W-well, you know, " he gestured at the bed around him, "it's been a long time since... well you know."

"I know," Tex said as she climbed on. Church sighed, then said, "If this means another kid, I'm not doing it willingly."

Tex grinned that mischevous grin that made Church think she was beautiful, and leaned down. And the rest, as Church would later say, is history.

Church woke up, and something was different. Not the fact that the was with Tex. Several years had taken that out of him. No, the different thing was that a sniper rifle was close to his face. And holding the rifle was a white colored soldier.

"Hello, Church," said a deep English voice, "what have you got to say to an old friend, Wyoming?"

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