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This is the sequel to RvB: ReEnvisioned.

(Note: I was the one who wrote the first one, but I didnt' have an account then, so sorry for the mix-up.) (Note: This is episode one.)

Episode 1: Laying the FoundationEdit

Church stared out of the sniper cove in Blue Base, thinking about what had just happened in his life. After the destruction of Valhalla, he had woken up on Narrows, only to discover that he would soon be a father. Several agents of Project Freelancer had tried to take his son, named Michal, to be trained into the ultimate weapon, but Church, and the Reds, had managed to stop them.

And then they had gotten the call that Valhalla had been fixed. Without further ado, both teams had started working on moving. Only Caboose didn't have much to pack, besides his toothbrushes. Of course, there was also the added expense of Michal, but Tex had taken care of that.

Church stepped back, and dropped down to the floor of Blue Base. It was good to be back. Granted, the last time he had been here had been with Washington, and he had been on a giant grav lift. He winced with the pain that memory bought.

He turned around, and saw the daily activities going on. Tucker was showing off his energy sword to the Reds, and Caboose was wandering around somewhere, digging for buried treasure in that old pirates costume that hadn't fit him since he was 3.

Right then, some shouts came from above the ridge. Church went over to see what the heck was going on, and saw Tucker and Caboose where shouting for him. With a sigh, Church went down to meet them.

"The Reds are trying Grif for treason," Tucker said in that werid voice he could use sometimes. Caboose nodded vigoursly. Without a word, Church gestured for them to follow him. It was going to be a long day.

Episode 2