Episode 3 of Retribution

Episode 3: Don't Mess with me.

Counselor Reception Room

(A lone white soldier strides into the room. Counselor's screen activates.)

Counselor- Ah, hello agent Wyoming.

Wyoming- Gidday, chap. What can I do for you?

Counselor- Idaho and Kansas, the two agents we sent to Sidewinder, have been... incapitated. We wish for you to investigate the stituation.

Wyoming- Excellent.

(Wyoming strides out of the room.)

Counselor's Control Room

(Counselor leans back, glances at the Director.)

Counselor- You where the one to put the explosive on the Pelican's engine, weren't you.

Director- Don't be that crude. I had Delaware do it.

Counselor- Are you sure that's the best course of action?

Director- Of course. Do you have any questions?

Counselor- No, but...

Director- Please continue.

Counselor- I don't-

Director- Remember my policy on honesty.

Counselor- Well... it just seems so crude to sacrifice Agent Idaho. Kansas is dispensable-

Director- And I never trusted him after his... incident with Agent Maine.

Counselor- -but Idaho is one of our best Recovery agents. To kill him would be-

Director- Just trust me, Counselor.

Counselor- ... Yes, sir.

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