Script for Episode 2

Episode 2: Pelican DownEdit

Freelancer Launching Bay: OrbitalEdit

(Idaho and Kansas walk toward a Pelican. Kansas knocks on it's side.)

Kansas- Never understood how these things stay up. I mean, I know about rocket science and all that crap, but I still don't get it.

Idaho- You won't. That's for the guys back at Command to understand. Let's just hurry onto the mission.

(They climb into the Pelican. It takes off.)

Kansas- Man, this is gonna be one big ball game.

Idaho- Hopefully.

Freelancer Command Facility: AvalancheEdit

(Two simulation troopers are sitting next to a terminal. The Pelican spirals down behind them.)

Trooper 1- Man, this job is the worst.

Trooper 2- Yeah, it's like we're not even real soldiers!

(Trooper 2 notices Pelican)

Trooper 2: Wow. Pretty lights.

Trooper 1- You are an idiot, did you know that?

Pelican XY-13Edit

(Idaho grips the controls. Kansas starts grabbing weapons.)

Kansas- We're gonna want to be well stocked when we land.

Idaho- You mean crash. Hold on!

Kansas- Why are we crashing?

Idaho- Someone put a explosive in the engine! HOLD ON!

(Ship crashes.)

Crash SiteEdit

(Silence around the crash site. Two Ghosts head toward them. As they reach them, the Elites get out.)

Elite 1- Get them!

Elite 2- With pleasure!