Episode one of Retribution.

(Author's Note: I'm trying a new type of writing for Retribution. It should be easier for me to write.)

Episode 1: The OthersEdit

(Inside of the Counselor's room. Another agent is in the background. Two troopers walk in, followed by Agent Idaho, in his Recon armor. They drop him off. Counselor's face appears.)

Counselor: Thank you gentlemen. You may leave.

(Troopers leave, Idaho looks up.)

Idaho: What's going on?

Counselor: As you know, with the recreation of Project Freelancer, and the Recovery Force-

Idaho: Uhm hum.

Counselor- We have resumed our own duties.

Idaho- And what does this have to do with me?

Counselor- You were once part of the recovery force, were you not?

Idaho- What's it to you?

Counselor- We're sending you to Sidewinder. One of our agents was injured there.

Idaho- Which agent?

Counselor- Agent Maryland. I assume you've... crossed paths before.

Idaho- Yep.

Counselor- Agent Kansas will be accompanying you.

(Kansas steps forward. He wears green armor. Idaho nods at him.)

Counselor- You'll be taking Dropship XY-13. Good luck.

(Counselor sighns off. Idaho and Kansas walk away.

Counselor's Broadcasting RoomEdit

(Counselor leans back in his chair, scowls at Director.)

Counselor: They're on there way, Director.

Director: Excellent. Now Retribution can begin.

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