Project Freelancer has unknown Agents before The Agents mentioned in Season 9 and 10 of Red vs Blue the main character of Season 13 and 14 is a rouge Agent named Agent Kansas she has had the same experience about Texas and Carolina such as beating Texas, however when York and Carolina joined Project Freelancer Kansas's Rank moved down so Carolina became #1, however Agent Kansas was #2 and as for York he was #3 so she went Rouge leaving her A.I. : Chi behind later after Washington had memories from the A.I. Unit : Epsilon about Allison A.K.A. Freelancer Texas and Washington was put into Recovery, Agent Texas went Rouge to save the A.I. Unit : Omega, she then Reunited with the Rouge Agent, Agent Kansas and when they both helped each other Texas also saved the A.I. Unit : Chi and gave it back to Kansas

Episodes (So Far)

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