Red vs Blue: Legends is a new fanfiction series by the authors of the Wiki. The idea comes from Halo: Legends.


Like Halo: Legends, RvB: Legends allows each and every writer in the wiki to create their own story in the timeline. Note: All stories are oneshots, only one story to each author, so make sure you use your space as best as you can. Categories for episodes: RvB Legends.


1. Inner DemonsEdit

A strange new mission against an old enemy forces Wyoming to relive some darker moments. Wyoming's backstory is revealed as he battles with an old enemy. Thanks to a low-G planet, Dragon Ball-esque showdown commence!

2. The Big BrawlEdit

A blue team's battle with Maine takes an unexpected turn....

3. Living WeaponEdit

The Covenant attack a naval base on the edge of UNSC space and attempts to seize an expirimental weapon. As the defense crumbles, a Simulation Trooper placed their takes matters into his own hands, and uses the weapon against the Covenant. Inspired by Protoype, Living Weapon is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. Just an Old LocksmithEdit

Shortly after leaving Project Freelancer, York begins to tell his past to an interior decoration.

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