"Hamp's like... our Grif to you guys..."

-Wash to the Blood Gulch Crew about New Hampshire-

Red vs. Blue is a series depicting what happens when a third Freelancer agent added to the past Season 11 and the current Season 12 timeline of Red vs. Blue.

Red vs. Blue Freelancer: New Hampshire


Science fiction, comedy

Written by


Seasons written


Current season

Season 1


Project Freelancer

  • Director Leonard Church (Mentioned)
  • Agent New Hampshire
  • Agent Carolina
  • Epsilon
  • Agent Washington
  • Agent South Dakota (Mentioned)

Blood Gulch Crew

  • Sarge
  • Grif
  • Simmons
  • Lopez 2.0
  • Lopez
  • Donut
  • Doc
  • Tucker
  • Caboose
  • Freckles

Federal Army of Chorus

  • Locus (faux allegiance)
  • General Doyle
  • Matthew
  • Rico
  • Dr. Grey

New Republic

  • Felix (faux allegiance)
  • Vanessa Kimball
  • Robertson
  • Dennis
  • Reilly


  • Dropship Pilot

Season 1

"A New Story" Season 1 tagline

Season 1 will take place on the Season 11 timeline and Season 12 timeline. The first season will tell about Agent New Hampshire, former Freelancer agent and his story with the Blood Gulch Crew throughout the Chorus Civil War.

Released Episode:

  1. Freelancer: New Hampshire


  • Red vs. Blue Freelancer will tell about different stories of Freelancer agents and his/her stories, not just an added story timeline
  • Series writer, Netthegamer also active on ModDB as the founder of Ironsight Games and in need of members.
  • As said above, Red vs. Blue Freelancer: New Hampshire will incorporate several scenes from Rooster Teeth's Red vs. Blue Season 11 and Season 12.
  • A Federal Army soldier named Matthew and a New Republic soldier named Reilly is a nod to Matthew Reilly, an Australian action thriller writer who's his book series Netthegamer, the series writer love.
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