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science fiction; comedy

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Season One Release Date

27th November 2013

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"Got a first name, Church?"

- Agent York to Agent Carolina

Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives is a five season series depicting the events that took place over the course of Project Freelancer's military history.


Project Freelancer

The Insurrection

United Nations Space Command

Red Team

Blue Team


  • Xiao Ma (1 episode)
  • Truong Ionohai (1 episode)
  • English Politician (1 episode)
  • Club Errera DJ (trailer, 1 episode)
  • Club Errera Bartender (trailer, 1 episode)
  • Club Errera Bald Member (trailer, 1 episode)
  • Scott the Bar Patron (1 episode)
  • Earl the Bartender (1 episode)

Season One

"Fight for Humanity." - tagline for Season One

The first season of the Freelancer Archives will take place from the time of the Project's introduction. The first season will introduce several new characters and explore many of their careers as elite Space Marines. This is said to include their assigned equipments, AI and for some, their inevitable deaths. The first season will be made up of 33 episodes.

The official Season 1 Poster

Released Episodes:

  1. Killed in Action
  2. Meet and Greet
  3. Up Close and Personal
  4. Fresh Meat, First Blood
  5. I'm a Gay Robot

Season Two

Season Two has been confirmed to have 24 episodes. No episodes have been released...

Season Three

Season Three has been announced but not yet released...

Season Four

Season Four has been announced but not yet released...

Season Five

Season Five has been announced but not yet released...



  • The Freelancer Archives have been announced to run for a total of five seasons.
  • The series writer, Agent_Rhode, has confirmed that the series will be compatible with the canon of the first eleven seasons of Red vs. Blue.
  • Scenes from Red vs. Blue's seasons nine and ten (set during the Project Freelancer time period) have confirmed to feature in Season Four of The Freelancer Archives.
  • Season One's tagline "Fight for Humanity" may be a response to the Red vs. Blue: Season 12 (by Roosterteeth Productions) tagline "What Do You Fight For?"
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