Red vs. Blue: Insurgence

RvBInsurgence Poster

The poster for Red vs. Blue: Insurgence.

Red vs. Blue: Insurgence - Story by: u/HeroesUnite and Ard Cheannard#9369.

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Red vs. Blue: Insurgence, is the upcoming and final arc for Red vs. Blue. Taking place one month after the events of Season 17, the reds and blues find themselves doing what they do best... Standing around, talking. All the while, the senator for the United Earth's Government, enacts a plan to disband the UNSC and hold them accountable for their many misdeeds and flaws. Her plan? To replace them with her own military force, one much more powerful and 'just' than the UNSC, all the while powerful figures and foes from the past lurk the corner, drawing the Reds and Blues into a story full of death, lies, deceit, and political conspiracy...



The episodes are as follows:

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