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Red, an Insurrection Demolitions expert who appears in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives








The Insurrection



Armor Color

Red (Primary), Black (Secondary), Black (Detail)


Number Four


M90 Close Assault Weapon System (Customised)

"Don't push me, Girlie."

- Red meets with Girlie at Longshore

Red is relations officer and demolitions expert for the faction of The Insurrection. He is first introduced in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives in the episode Meet and Greet. While Red is not the Insurrection Leader (or second in command) he is shown to posess qualities that would make him a prime candidate.

Role in the Plot

Meeting the Rookie

Red leads the shore party intended to meet the Insurrection's newest recruit, Rookie, at the Longshore Shipyard. He is accompanied by Sleeves and Blades who arrive to meet up with Girlie, Archerand the Rookie. While Blades harrasses Rookie, Red briefs Girlie on their way to meet with Deadshotand Crowe in the main warehouse. After Crowe, the Insurrection leader, meets Rookie their conversations become interupted when Hawke, Sharkface, and Bowman barge in with soldiers announcing that one of the Insurrection outposts has fallen to The Covenant.


Combat Armor

Red's combat armor consists of an OSDT Helmet, and thick armor to help with close range combat protection. He has a bandolier with shotgun shells slung over his shoulders and torso. His armor colors consist of Red primary colors, Black secondary colors and Black armor details. He has a black and red sull and crossbones symbol as his personal emblem.
Red symbol tfa

Red's personalised emblem

List of Injuries

Red has not yet recieved any injuries while serving under The Insurrection.


Red's personality has not been explored in enough depth to be recorded.

Skills and Abilities

Red's skills have not yet been shown and can not be recorded.


Red has not been shown to have a relationship with any of the other characters at this point in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives.


  • Red made his first appearance in Red vs. Blue Season 9 and 10 as a major Insurrection character. His name in the series was non-canon, 'Red Demo Man'. Writer Agent_Rhode has changed the title to be compatible as a name.
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