Rachel Creed
Name: Rachel Creed
Affiliations: United Nations Space Command
First Appearance: The New Threat (Mentioned)
Armor Color(s): Primary: Green, Secondary: Green
Occupation(s): Staff Sargent
Relative(s): Maine (Brother)
Voice Actor: TheSuperHunter


Rachel, born in Portland. Rachel with his twin brother. Michael, grew up together, having no friends but each other. Both later wished to join the millitary, soon their wish came true. The twins are both drafted into military school, which was the result of the death of their parents who were killed by the Insuerrectionists. The twins train, and train, gaining the strength to avenge their parents. Michael became stronger, and stronger, his sister was not to be compared to his immense strength. Michael soon became a un-stopable death machine. His sister grew more scared and angry. Eventually Michael was recruited... into Project Freelancer: Rebirth.


Rachel has long black hair that goes down to her back. She has green eyes and is a psychically fit.


Project Freelancer Members


Rachel is the twin sister of Agent Maine. They love each other alot and would do anything for each other. After being killed by the Insurrection Escapee, Maine was so enraged that he avenged her by killing her killer.

South Carolina

Rachel has admitted to having a crush on Carolina much to Maine's dissapointment.


Insurrection Escapee

They haven't had any interaction until the IRT came to the Father of Invention while Rachel happened to be there. The Escapee holds her hostage and kills her with a headshot with his shotgun.

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