Project Valhalla is a Special Operations program directed by the UNSC and funded by the ONI. It is a rival program to both Project Freelancer: Rebirth and Project Olympus.


Project Valhalla was created to combat a problem arising within the special forces: an overreliance on armor and weapons. As a result, each member is outfitted with a biological enhancement that enhances their physiology in some way, either granting them enhanced athleticism, such as superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance, or granting them limited supernatural capabilities, such as electrokinesis and cryokinesis.

Project Valhalla was created with discipline and self control within the ranks in mind; as a result, internal squabbles rarely occur, with the closest related occurance being Frigga and Baldr playing.



The program focuses on enhancing the member's physiology to create a superhuman fighter that can overcome the weaknesses of a regular human. As a result, each member possesses superhuman capabilities in some way, shape, or form.


Project Valhalla's equipment is generally custom made for the wielders due to the members being superhuman: most standard issue weapons would be either completely useless or they would crumble under the pressure of these fighters' attacks.

Notable Differences from other programs

One notable difference from other programs is that the members of Project Valhalla are not referred to by rank, they are referred to by their occupations. During the initial stages of the program, Odin did away with ranks to create a form of equality among the members.


Odin (Leader)

Thor (Second in Command)

Frigga (Top Level Sparring Dummy)

Baldr (Close Combat Instructor)

Loki (Top Level Negotiator)

Frey (Infiltration Specialist)

Freya (Medic, Technical Support)

Tyr (Interrogator)

Sigyn (Infiltration Specialist)

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