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Project Freelancer was a classified military operation initiated upon first hostilities with the Covenant Empire, in the year 2525. The project was directed by ONI official Leonard Church and directed by another officer referred to as Councilor. Each of the Freelancers's 49 Alpha Company subjects were selected as prime candidates from one of the forty-nine states that compromised the USA, and were named after their patron state. Each candidate was biologically engineered to feature enhanced strength and agility, and were bestowed a suit of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. The first three models were purely experimental, while the following Mark IV, Mark V, and Mark VI were fully operational, and regularly utilized by all agents.

Freelancer operatives utilized advanced Artificial Intelligence constructs to assist them in nearly all fields of combat. A downside to the inclusion of AI was often rooted into the advanced technologies used to produce them. The Human-engineered AI of the time featured an intelligence beyond that of parallel canon's "Smart AI", and their complex personalities would often subject them to premature rampancy, or rampancy without much warning. Such AI have been known to heavily influence the minds of their personal soldiers, and even result in their defection, or ultimate deaths.

Freelancers would regularly train alongside simulation troopers, who composed both the red and blue teams.

Freelancers Agents

Alpha Company

Freelancer agents were often listed in order of their skill rank.

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