Episode 5

Georgia: Maybe I can walk it off.

he gets up and falls down instantly

Georgia: Bad idea.

Nevada: Georgia, you think you can take care of yourself for a little while?

Georgia: Maybe.

Nevada: I'll be back later, I'm gonna go look for West.

Georgia: Okay.

meanwhile in a secret bunker

Tex: You know, freelancers are coming to save me right now, you won't get anything out of me, New Mexico.

New Mexico: Oh, I doubt that. Bring him in!

Green soldier and orange soldier bring in Agent West in a torture chamber

Tex: West!

New Mexico: Now tell us what we need to know or else your friend here BURNS!

Episode 6

Tex: What do you want to know cockbite?

New Mexico: A couple of months ago agents North & South stole some plans from a cryogenics research lab, what where those plans for?

Tex: I don't know, okay, so just let me go.

New Mexico: Minnesota, is she lying?

Minnesota(the orange soldier): Can't tell' her armor has some kind of lie detector block function.

New Mexico: Alright Tex, off with the armor, and on with the lie detector suit.

Tex: Okay.

New Mexico: Go ahead.

Tex: Aren't you guys gonna turn away.

New Mexico: No.

Tex: But I'll be naked.

New Mexico: Exactly.

A voice in the background sounding like Tucker goes: BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!

Tex: Pervs.