Episode 7: It all comes to this.

New Mexico: Is she lying?

Minnesota:I'm afraid not.

Red driving music starts in background.

New Mexico: She has to be.

Minnesota: She's not lying.

New Mexico: Alright, kill them both.

Minnesota:One question first, what the heck is that music?

A warthog driven by Nevada busts through the wall

New Mexico: Holy @#$%

Tex: Holy @#$%

West: Holy @#$%

The end is here

Nevada: Nobody move!

Rhode Island moves to grab a Shotgun

Nevada shoots him and Rhode Island falls dead

Nevada shoots Minnesota, Minnesota falls dead

Nevada pulls out a Trank gun and shoots New Mexico

Tex: Mind overiding the chair controls?

Nevada: Let me free West, he's good with computers.

Tex: Fine.

Nevada frees West from his chamber

West: I'll go overide the controls.

Computer: Warning, Self destruct in 2 minutes.

Tex: Yeah, real good with computers.

The chairs binders pop up and Tex gets out.

Nevada: Lets go!

They all start running out of the building

Computer: 10...9...8....7....6....5....4...3....2...1...Have a nice da-


The camera floats up, revealing the island in Forge World with a huge explosion on the West side

The screen goes black

The camera is then scrolling a cross the wreckage when burnt hand comes out of the wreckage

The screen fades to black as a faint voice says: I....will....return.

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