PF Recovery

PF: Recovery. Rhode (top left) Maine (Bottom left) Alpha(Below Centre) Texas (Bottom Right) Vermont (Top Right)

Project Freelancer: Recovery is a story inspired by Red vs Blue, taking place some time before the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. The story focuses on Freelancer Agents Vermont, Rhode Island and Wisconsin, as they try to recover the Alpha A.I., which was stolen by Agent Maine. The events of the story eventually lead to the formation of the Recovery Special Operations Unit.



Chapter 1: The Short Version Edit

The story begins with Agent Vermont and Agent Rhode island, sleeping in their quarters. Zeta informs them that the Mother of Invention is experiencing critical engine failures, and the duo depart for the main hangar.

Chapter 2: Staff Trouble (Unreleased)Edit

The Freelancers gather in the main hangar, but the Director informs them that they will not be leaving until the person that sabotaged the engines confesses.

Chapter 3: The Maine Issue (Unreleased)Edit

The battle between Texas and Maine continues, but with the Alpha and Sigma, Maine gains the upper hand. Vermont, Rhode and Wisconsin join the battle, and Maine is eventually overpowered. Sigma explains his plans to the Agents, before Maine manages to escape with the Alpha on the last remaining Falcon. Tensions rise between Vermont and Rhode, but Tex finds a way to escape the Mother of Invention.


This story is a work in progress, so please leave any constructive feedback you may have. I wasn't sure how to write it, but I decided to write it as dialogue, with the actions in italics, similair to the style of the Transcripts on the RvB Wiki, and SniperTeam82308's The Tale of Agent Florida. However, I'm now wondering whether I should have wrote like I would any other essay or story. Please leave your thoughts here.

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