Saving Private West Virginia is a comedy/action/romance story written by Zeon1. It's title is a spoof of Saving Private Ryan.



What Ever Happaned to the Men of Tommorow?

"Crap crap crap crap crap!!!"

This particular curse words were uttered from the mouth of New CT, a black-haired (crew cut, with an obvious cowlick), soldier wearing unusual armor. The hands of which, mind you, were gripping a wheel of a Pelican with all their might.

"Fuck! This is why we shouldn't have let you drive!" Agent New Hampshire yelled, pausing to snatch West Virginia out of the air, as he had been engaged in flying towards the doors of the Pelican only moments before.

"Gack! My air," Virginia gasped, grasping at his collar as Hampshire tossed him into a seat.

"Holy crap! Was werden wir tun! Wir werden sterben!" yelled out Wyoming, as he struggled to hold on for dear life onto the seat of a seat.

"We're going to- AAAAAHHH!" New CT said, closing his eyes as the Pelican descended faster than the speed of a bird.

Oh, and the last words New CT was going to say: "Crash!"

Boom Bada Boom Boom, Bum Bum!

"No-no, I don't want- no, don't- can't fire the way- no, won't- answer me hobitses!"

CT jerked up violently, panting, sweat dropping down him. He was in his cabin in Project Freelancer. All was well. Except for the dream he had just had.

A dream were he had doomed the entire group. A dream that wasn't a dream.

CT shuddered, then pulled up his covers, revealing part of his armor's undersuit still bunched around his legs. Standing up, he pulled it all the way on again. Raising a hand, the laying in piles lifted up, then quickly assembled around his body.

"Epsilon?" he called, looking around. There was a scrabbling sound, and a small robotic dog walked out of CT's closet. His eyes glowed cobolt, as well as a panel on his back.

///That's the last time I'm going in this body,/// Epislon, an AI fragment that belonged to CT, said, moving his tail around.

"Oh, come on, you like it."

///Not really.///


///Shut it, Winslow.///

CT rolled his eyes, sliding open the door gently. He took several tiptoes out, followed by Epsilon. They looked down the corridor, searching for several doors.

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