This is the story of Project Freelancer: Rebirth...

Project Freelancer

The Assault on Project Freelancer

The alarm went off and immediately the ten agents rushed outside to see what was wrong. The facility was under attack. Six hostile soldiers stood ground. One after the other, the agents made their way to the armory, where they armed themselves and aquired their own personal and signature weapons and established their retaliation plan. They split up into 3 different groups; Group 1 being North, Utah, and Texas. Group 2 consisted of Maine, South Carolina, and Washington. Group 3 consisted of Wyoming, New York, and Connecticut. Groups 1 and 3 flanked the enemies, left and right, leaving Group 2 to push up the middle. The soldiers all took cover behind Maine's shield whilst they advanced alongside the tank. North drew his sniper rifle and fires apon a rock, causing the bullet to richochet and land an incoming grenade from a soldier, aggroed onto taking out Utah. The grenade explodes, sending the soldier flying towards Group 1. Agent Texas then grabs the soldier's helmet, removes it, punches him in the face, rips off his jetpack, and throws him off a cliff. The other five soldiers, geared with jetpacks, flew towards Maine, weapons blasting. All bullets fired reflect off the shield. One of the bullets hit a soldier in the heart, causing him to die instantly. Suddenly, Maine's enhancement wore off and the soldier shot with a Battle Rifle at Maine. He fell to the ground. The agents broke formation as Maine's shield drop. Washington and South Carolina took cover behind a nearby rock. Washington tried to assist Maine up. Utah, not having received an enhancement yet, also took cover. The soldier who was aggressively flung off the cliff was saved by his ally. The rescued soldier bursts into hand-to-hand combat with Texas. While he fought Texas, Group 3 made their appearance, where they were confronted by four soldiers of which all attacked Maine. Wyoming, York, and Connecticut took out M6G magnums and opened fire. Wyoming managed  on landed a bullet straight through a soldier's head; York fired five shots into a soldier's kidneys, chest, and stomach. The soldier fell to the ground as Connecticut fired a soldier in the groin, causing him to die of shock then spontaneously combusting. At this moment there were only two soldiers remaining. Texas lands a punch on the soldier in the face again, this time causing the soldier to fall unconscious. Texas then fires apon him in the head with a magnum. The last soldier, having shot and critically damaging Maine, attempted to make his escape by hovering away. Suddenly, he was grabbed by Connecticut and stabbed in the hand. Connecticut then ripped the jetpack off the soldier, and slammed him into the ground. Connecticut pulled the knife out and kicked the soldier in the face knocking out five of his teeth. The soldier fell near Washington. Washington readied his weapon and aim when abruptly interrupted by North. "We need him."

All agents turned their attention to Maine due to his injuries. After close analyzation they notice the three shots in his left lung. Having noticed the injuries, they immediately took Maine and the unconscious soldier to the medical bay. The unknown soldier was placed in a rejuvenation tank, wearing an oxygen mask. Maine was placed on a medical bed. The only agents that were allowed in the same room as Maine were North (Being #1 on the leaderboard currently) and Connecticut (due to close relations with Maine as far as friendships). York, Wyoming, Washington, Texas, and Utah watched while South Carolina's attention was strictly towards the Leader Board, infuriated about what it had said. Prior rankings:

2.South Carolina

Post-incident, Maine became #2 and South Carolina dropped to #3.

In the middle of the night, a sound was heard. The Insurrectionis soldier had awakened, busting himself out of the tank and escaping the facility eluding ever being casted sight apon by the facility's hidden cameras.

The Tryouts

Since the escape of the soldier the previous night, The Director had decided on recruiting more Freelancers for the facility's security. He could not afford to lose what little he has so far, especially with the newly reborn version of the Project. The Director announced to the agents, exclusion of Maine, that tryouts for the titles of Agents South Dakota, Neveda, and Arkansas were being held. The minutes of watching soldier's present their abilities soon grew into hours. But after a total of five days, the three agents were found. A man named Drake Hawkins was deemed the position of South Dakota. A girl named Katherine Andersmith became Agent Nevada; and a man named John Marshall Reed became Agent Arkansas. By this time Maine has finally recovered and his lungs were operating normally. He felt better than ever.

Unexpected Training Session

Maine and Connecticut were discussing the faults of Maine's enhancement and the troubles it had trying to work properly. Connecticut tells Maine that Texas told him that The Director told Texas that he is going to create an AI. Suddenly, blue lights were flashing. All agents knew what this meant. There was a training session in order.

They walked to the training room and noticed Utah, Wyoming, and Texas were in battle with South Dakota. York, North, Washington, Maine, Connecticut, and South Carolina already arrived and took heed of the all-so-familiar flashing blue lights. The reving up had just concluded. Round 1 made its approach. It was time.

The objective of Round One was: All Freelancers must make an attempt to throw a Time Distortion ball at the opponent and reduce there speed, causing them to be rendered useless. Round 1 started and instantaneously the room took the shape of a jungle. Though it was only a simulation, no difference was seen between a real one and the room. The heat. The moisture. The noises. It all felt alive.

Was this what an AI would feel like? Is this that? It's so warm in here. The feelings. It's all so deep. Utah thought to himself has he prepped himself for battle.

Team A crouched beside some rocks, each holding a silvery-white ball in their hands. South, however, took his position high in the trees, where he made an aerial assault over Utah, nailing him and causing his speed to reduce severely. South continued with seven more balls to the point where Utah's armor was fully locked down. He couldn't move. The process was repeated with Wyoming.

Texas, however, was the more clever out of the bunch. He threw his ball at South from behind. South suddenly vanished before collision.

"What the fuck? He has an enhancement already?!" Washington exclaimed from the observation room.

"Give it a rest, will you?" Carolina said, as his palm and face collide. 

Texas turned around to see South reappearing.

"Son of a bitch," Texas mutters in a surrendering tone.

South then barrages Texas with the balls, causing him to slow down to the point where he tripped and fell on the floor. The agents were impressed greatly. Round 2 soon made its approach.

In Round 2, Freelancers must battle with electrical pugil sticks. When the round started, Team A moved in formation. They threw attacks constantly, but the sticks seem to dislike South. It didn't take Dr. Hertz to realize the team was no match for South. He effortlessly out-matched the veterans, bested them, and resulted victor with another point to his name.

The room's structure dissolved and took a new. Round 3 was about to begin when Agents Neveda and Arkansas arrived at the viewing room. In Round 3 Freelancers must fire at each other with paralyzing paint. When Round 3 began, the room grew pillars from its floors. Much like the basic training room grounds. A weapons rack grew from the ground on each opposite side of the training room where the teams armed themselves. Texas helped himself to a knife, while Wyoming took an M6G Magnum. Utah took a knife aswell. South Dakota found a time distortion ball. The most clever choice of them all. Wyoming, dual-wielding, began to take pot shots in all directions, uncovering any land where South could hide.

South appeared and threw the ball at Wyoming. Wyoming came to a hault shortly afterward. Texas fired, but unfortunatly for him, he missed. Utah joined texas and followed. Wyoming made his recovery, shortly before firing a bullet which missed South, but instead hitting Texas. Texas fell while Utah attempted to assist him. But if it weren't for South, he wouldn't have suffered a kick to the side and several shots to the back transforming the soldier into a pink blob.

Texas grew tired of this. He wanted a swift ending. He grabbed his knife, handle up and threw it aiming at South.South then shot it with paint and it got hard and flew at Texas, impaling his shoulder. Texas was hurting even more as he bled excessively, pouring out at a tremendously fast rate.

York told the watching party to follow him and he led them into the battlefield. Washington called The Director. Carolina, Connecticut, and Maine were all shocked at the fact that Texas was injured. North, however, was quite angry to see that The Director was changing the board. The board said:

1. North
2. Maine
3. South Carolina
4. York
5. South
6. Texas

It had took North quite a lot of missions to get that rank and already South is 5th without even going on a mission.

The Director's Creation

The Director told the agents that they would be getting the ingredients or parts for his AI project. The agents will need to get a computerized hardrive in order to to create an advanced AI. The agents must all end up having the same objectives but, before they end up there, they need to do a different task first. The agents will be divided into 3 teams: Team 1 is made up of North, Carolina, South, and Washington; Team 2 is made up of Maine, York, Wyoming, and Nevada; Team 3 is made up of Connecticut, Utah, and Arkansas. The 3 teams each go in their pelicans.

Operation: A.I.

The Hard drive

Team 1 needed to retrieve a system hard drive to create the AI. They needed to go in this very tall building known as the "ONI Building," which is where the hardrive is located. Team 1's pelican departed with Team 1. Team 1 was dropped off at floor 76 (12 floors under the top floor) and they ended up walking towards a room full of different kinds of grenades.

"Wow, that's alot of grenades," Wash stated with slight surprise.

"I know, right?" asked North.

Carolina grunted in annoyance as South scanned the area.

An alarm suddenly went off and started making a lot of noise. Suddenly, 4 doors burst open and many soldiers came out. Along with them was the unknown soldier that escaped the base. The soldiers surrounded them and told them to drop their weapons. North used his enhancement to tell Carolina, South, and Wash (without the soldiers hearing them) that, on the the count of three, they all use their armor enhancements. They all agreed to do so.

Wash: Three...

Carolina: Two...

South: One...

North: Now!

Wash used his Variable Armor Lock and created a shockwave that sent about 10 soldiers flying through a window and then breaking; Carolina used his Nervous System Enhancer and ripped off a soldier's head; South used his Cloaking and knocked a lot of soldiers unconscious and kicked their guns away; North used his Power Drain, which stunned 5 soldiers.

There was only the unknown soldier left and he ran upstairs. A man with gold armor came down with a turret. He looked at them with his armor reflecting the light. He starts to shoot at the Freelancers and keeps missing. He ends up shooting grenades: they explode, causing other grenades to explode. The agents took cover behind pillars to hide from the explosions, which caused the golden armored man to fly through the floors.

The unknown soldier pressed a button on his arm and an AI projected out of it. It's presence caused the building to start shaking violently. The agents decided to activate the platform nearby, which took them to the top.

Carolina kicked the unknown soldier in the chest and he flew backwards to the wall. The agents went on the platform and ascended towards the roof. The unknown soldier ran upstairs quickly while the agents reloaded their guns. The AI touched all over the floors, causing them to break and explode. When the platform reached the top, the agents saw their pick up pelican soaring towards them, though it was damaged. The unknown and gold armored soldiers made it to the top as well, as they fired many bullets. The pelican had arrived but it was too late: the building started sinking to the ground. The pelican rammed into the gold soldier who fell in the air and soon all six people were falling down to the ground.

Carolina used his Gravity Unit enhancement to "fly" in the air and he landed on the pelican. South used his magnetic enhancement to stick to the pelican. But North and Wash kept falling to the ground and then the unknown soldier suddenly took out a small blue box which broke into 2 pieces; one piece morphed into a blue jetpack, the other piece into what looked like the computerized hard drive they were supposed to get. He then put the hard drive in the box and soared away.

Carolina took aim with his battle rifle and shot the soldier's hand square in the palm, causing him to let go of the hard drive. Carolina then used his Gravity Unit and pulled it toward him quickly enough that no one would notice but slowly enough that it wouldn't shatter under the pressure. Carolina grabbed the hard drive but quickly put it away without letting anyone know or even notice what it was that he had.

Meanwhile, the gold soldier was under North and Wash. North knew that the gold soldier would live so he jumped on him. Following this, they hit the ground hard, causing the gold armored soldier to sink in the ground. North survived the crash but many cracks appeared on his visor, due the shards of gold peircing his helmet, and his chestplate was cracking. He then jumped off the soldier. Wash hit the ground with a big thud, though he appeared without a scratch.

"What the hell?! How come you don't have a single scratch yet I have a whole bunch of cracks in my visor!!!" North yelled in frustration

"Who gives a shit? That's not the point. They knew we were coming!" Wash spoke with some surprise but a lower volume than North.

Wash and North just kept running while following the pelican. They wondered how those soldiers knew they were coming.

South and Carolina had successfully made it onto the pelican. They climbed inside as they saw that Connecticut was piloting the aircraft. Inside the pelican they saw that Team 3 had successfully retrieved the 4 by 4 sized Mechanical Grid but Arkansas and Utah were missing. They saw Maine, Nevada, and Wyoming and they saw that Team 2 had successfully retrieved the CD that they needed to get. York, however, was nowhere to be seen. It seemed that all Teams had missing agents.


Nevada told Carolina that Teams 2 and 3 have both been successful in their missions. But while going to pick up Team 1, their pelican was attacked by something that wasn't Insurrection made. This caused the side of the pelican to break a bit and then, out of nowhere Arkansas and Utah jumped off and landed on an unknown airborne aircraft. The ship crashed into the ground and the 2 agents flew off and landed in a hole in the ground. They were nowhere to be seen after that.

After the disappearance of those agents, they sent Agent York to inspect the hole. After he went in, the pelican went to pick up Team 1. York went inside and was searching for Arkansas and Utah, but suddenly, the hole caved in.

Meanwhile, Arkansas and Utah went deeper underground, landing in a cavern. York followed them, finally catching up to them. They called command for another pelican, which came quite quickly as it blasted a hole in the ground while they climbed out. They went inside and flew towards the other pelican. They saw North and Wash running on the ground and they picked them up.

Death Strikes

The 5 agents were relaxing in the ship when suddenly it was hit by a missile. The pelican caught fire and it quickly spread around the entire ship. Utah caught fire and his armor burned as he passed out on the floor. Arkansas picked him up in a fireman lift fashion and, without warning, jumped out using his armor enhancement to jetpack to the other pelican and set aside Utah.

The two pelicans drew closer together and North jumped out and rolled into the other pelican. The mysterious aircraft returned and fired two more blasts, the first hitting the engines and the second killing the pilot. The force of the explosion caused York to fall unconscious as he hit his head hard on the burning pelican. A piece of metal broke off the pelican, embedding itself into Wash's neck. He quickly lost blood as he gasped for breath. North was about to go help Wash and York but South rose from his seat at the same time and pushed North away.

South jumped onto the burning pelican and kicked a hurt Wash to the safe pelican. The engines exploded and the front of the pelican was made up of nothing but fire, as South quickly jumped out, forgetting York. York fell in the fire and burned, the pelican hitting the ground hard as York was crushed and burned. His body was destroyed. Agent New York was dead. South failed to save York yet every other person survived. York's death was followed by 8 exclamations of "Shit!"

Return to Base

Carolina punched South in the face and was angry at him "Why didn't you save York?!" South grunted angrily as he sat next to Nevada.

Connecticut flew overhead the incident "Son of a bitch, not York."

"Stop acting like you cared Connecticut," yelled Arkansas angrily to Connecticut. Arkansas angrily remarks that he could of saved him.

"It wasn't your fault" said Nevada.

The agents returned to their base in silence.


Not only was York killed but his body was not found and they wouldn't be able to have a funeral as a result. The agents, however, did have a memorial that York's wife, Sharon Brown, along with their daughter Katie, also attended.

The Director had a few rude comments "This shouldn't have happened he was going to be in Project Nexus I suppose I will instead use Arkansas."

"Damn, I mean I know we didn't get along but this is just......sad. And how can you just stand there Director?" asked Maine.

"I never tolerated him nor liked him. I feel he was just a waste of resources. He was the worst agent, next to Carolina,."

"Daddy, no" whined Katie.

"I can't wait till this place shuts down so I can beat the crap out of The Director. . . Wait, now that I think about it, I can beat the crap out of him anytime I want to." Carolina angrily noted this with crossed arms.

Behind the Scenes

Doctor Maya Hertz was working in his laboratory. He seemed to be working on some form of nanotech as he tested it on a small Grunt clone. Meanwhile, Carolina walked in.


"Greetings Dick. I've been expecting you."

"I know." Carolina tossed the hard drive and what looked like a flash drive onto his table. "Those are the hard drive and the plans for the AI the Director is making."

"Excellent work." Doctor Hertz picked up the flash drive and placed it into a large supercomputer so he could analyze its content. While doing that, he analyzed the hard drive to see how powerful it was. "It'll take some time to fully analyze everything you've given me but once it's finished we'll know what exactly he's up to."


"Is anyone on to you yet?"

"North's suspicious but that's how he is naturally so I don't think it means anything. Besides, out of all the Detective work he's done with me all he's figured out is that my bones are coated in some type of metal. I don't see anything dangerous about him yet."

"I see. What about the newer members of the program?"

"Well, South was next to me when I got the hard drive. So, either he doesn't know or he knows and doesn't care because he didn't say anything when North questioned him. Nevada, Arkansas, and Utah were on different teams and I don't even think Utah is smart enough to even comprehend suspicion."

"Right, well, make sure you're not found out."

"That's what I'm best at. Well, that and breaking skulls."

"Right. I suggest you get back. The longer you're away, the more suspicious the other soldiers will get."


Carolina then walked out.

A New Task

"Well done Groups 2 & 3, well done indeed. You have retreived the CD and the Grid. However, GROUP 1 on the other hand failed miserably. This suprised me, it was shocking! Team 1 had both Carolina AND North on it. Carolina in particular has been known not to fail missions. Isn't that odd, Agent Carolina?"

"First time for everything. I may be strong but I'm no Superman," Carolina quickly noted.

"Due to Group 1's mishaps, I cannot create the AI copies of the original I had promised...."

Wash quickly replied saying "You never said that."

" ..did I ask you Agent Washington?"

"No sir."

The Director continued speaking "Anyways, I would like to inform you that I have invented a new protocol called Nexus. It allows me to control your mind and make your body possess strength beyond belief.

"I will take turns in choosing who will get to use Nexus. Of course Carolina is going to be last and North will be first instead of Arkansas."

"Ha ha, yeah I'm first," North said in a way to try to make the other agents jealous (As if anyone ever cared).

"Save the best for last, I guess," Carolina taunted, making North angry.

"Say that again!" North ordered.

"Agent North!" The Director reminded.

"Oh, right, sorry sir." North said this with a locked body.

North took the chip from The Director and implanted it in his helmet. The Director said "Punch agent Carolina." North obeyed as he charged at Carolina and punched him. Right before he did, however, Carolina grabbed his hand and threw him onto the ground "Fuck you, North."

The Director angrily said to Carolina "Why did you block his attack, you idiot?"

"Think about it: even if by some miracle he had somehow managed to hit me, he would've broken his hand doing it and made a fool of himself as a result," Carolina explained.

"Whatever" said The Director as he forced North to remove the chip. "Arkansas step up, you're next. After this I'm sending you, Maine, and CT on a mission."

(Effects of Nexus)

The effects of Nexus on the agents are listed below:

  • The effects of Nexus on York are unknown, as he was killed before he was able to test it.It is assumed that he would have either gotten stronger, smarter, or faster.
  • The effects of Nexus on North made him stronger but Carolina was still able to deflect his punch and throw him to the ground.
  • The effects of Nexus on Arkansas also made him stronger but he nearly lost any signs of friendship with Nevada and almost killed Maine.
  • The effects of Nexus on Connecticut made him faster and stronger, as he was able to quickly cut through 4 walls of steel with his blades in 10 seconds but he was not made tougher, as when he punched them he broke his left thumb.
  • The effects of Nexus on Utah gave him a massive jump in agility, allowing him to get through an obstacle course with ease.
  • The effects of Nexus on Nevada made her more advanced with weapons and a bit faster.
  • The effects of Nexus on Wyoming made him EXTREMELY fast and stronger, resulting in him beating Washington's record of destroying training dummies at 326 dummies in 10 minutes.
  • The effects of Nexus on South Dakota made him great at infiltrating, hacking, and in the use of a Rocket Launcher.
  • The effects of Nexus on Texas made him better at hand-to-hand combat, his arms increased size, and he became better with a blade.
  • The effects of Nexus on Maine made him a good pilot and severely increased his muscle mass all over his body, making him stronger and a bit more durable.
  • The effects of Nexus on Washington made him good for stealth and for being a scout or sniper (despite Washington hating sniper rifles).
  • The effects of Nexus on Carolina don't really change him at all. However, he becomes very skilled in piloting and driving. Carolina almost breaks the chip after it first goes into his head as, after it's removed, it's seen with smoke coming out of it.

The New Threat

The Director has lately been testing many serums on Nexus. He plans to try to make it stronger and be able to corrupt the minds of all the agents at once. One day out of the blue the Director has revealed that he has created 4 more Nexus chips. At the same time he controlled Utah, Washington, Maine, Connecticut, and Wyoming and sent them on a mission. The next day Maine's sister, Rachel went to the facility to visit her brother. The Director and North were getting worried that the stronger agents (Carolina, Maine, South Dakota) would eventually overthrow them. The Director told North that he will exterminate Rachel and then Maine. After that he will kill South Dakota and then Carolina. North says he will follow all those orders. Utah overhears this and heads to the cafeteria to tell the others. North is aware of what Utah is doing. Rushing pass many soldiers Utah eventually makes it to the cafeteria and explains what he had just learned.

"Hmm...he can't kill me so I'm not worried." said Maine as he brushed off what Utah said.

"Maybe I'm going to have to explain to that fucker that just because he's number one doesn't mean he's all badass and can kill me." said Carolina.

"..." South wasn't paying attention.

"You guys aren't worried the least bit?! After all he is our number one." Utah exclaimed.

"Attention agents." said The Director suddenly. North stood beside him with his helmet off grinning at Utah.

"I will like to inform you that me and the Counselor have created the Nexus chips for each and every one of you." The Counselor hands one to each of the agents

Mission 0401

The Director wants to test Nexus on the agents by sending them on a mission to infiltrate the base and steal the AI that the Insurrectionists had. If it's successful the Director will be able to create AI copies for the agents so that their armor enhancements will become stronger. Just like the last mission the agents will be split up into teams. The agents will be split into 3 teams Team A will consist of Maine, Virginia, Utah and Wyoming, Team B will consist of West, Arkansas, Nevada, and Washington, and Team C will consist of Carolina, North, South, Texas and Connecticut. Team A will take care of any ground soldiers, Team B will go into the submarine and go the harbor at the island, Team C will take care of any enemy soldiers in the air. Team A get a Puma with a turret, Team B get a submarine, Team C get a pelican. The freelancers left for possibly the most important mission they'll ever get.

Team A

Team A drove off quickly towards their coordinates of the base. It was about 12 kilometers away. Maine was driving the warthog, Virginia sitting in the passenger seat, Wyoming was on the passenger seat of the mongoose, and Utah was driving the mongoose. Wyoming kept cracking jokes on the way with Utah being the only one listening. Maine and Virginia were in deep conversation.

"So Virginia what do you think of Nexus?" asked Maine curiously.

"Well I don't really mind it." replied Virginia.

"Oh because I fucking hate it, and North, and I'm starting to hate The Director."


"Yeah whatever"

They had only about 1 mile left however there was a cavern in their way. They decided to go through the cavern.

"Alright lets do this!" said Maine.

Team A drove into the cavern. They found it to be very dark and suddenly a explosion was heard they turned around to see that the cavern closed in.

"What the fuck!" exclaimed Utah.

"Ambush!!!" yelled Virginia.

"Everyone turn on your lights." Maine ordered.

Everyone did as he said. They looked around and in flash someone just gaged Wyoming and tied him up and dropped him on the ground. None of the agents noticed what happened however they heard the noise.

"Huh? Where is Wyoming?" said Utah.

"Right here." said a voice in the distance.

The agents followed the trail of the voice with their vehicles. They saw Wyoming standing their with a Sniper Rifle.

"Where did you get that sniper rifle?" asked Maine.

Suddenly Wyoming's armor transformed into different armor with a different coloring. The man raised his weapon and fired at Maine's helmet. The bullet ricocheted off of his helmet and the bullet started to reflect off of the rocks in the cavern until it hit Utah's foot.

"Son of a BITCH!" exclaimed Utah.

Maine raises his fist to punch the man in the face however he grabbed the fist and pulled Maine towards him to elbow him in his face, and it and pushed him away. The hit left a crack in Maine's Visor, impairing his vision. The man then turned around and fired a single bullet at the mongoose and in an instant, it blew up. Virginia treated Utah's wound while Maine took off his helmet, and out his Brute Shot and tried to slash at the man. The man managed to knock Maine on the ground and aim his pistol at his face. The man ignored Maine and jumped over him to pick up Wyoming, broke through the fallen rocks that enclosed the cave, and escaped with him.

"What was that?" asked Virginia, helping Maine up.

"I don't know... But it wasn't human." replied Maine, looking down at his broken helmet.

Team A went in the Warthog and saw that Wyoming's recovery beacon went off. They knew that this meant he was in trouble. Team A drove to the other end of the cavern and finally made it through the other side. They saw the outpost surrounded by many guards. Maine and Virginia told Utah to wait there in the gunner seat. Maine and Virginia used their armor enhancements to turn invisible. They snuck into the base; they were looking for the Ai. They didn't find anything useful to them. Maine took out his Brute Shot and started shooting in a bunch of different directions killing some of the soldiers. Virginia took out her Shotgun and finished off the rest with a bunch of shots to the head. Maine drove the Warthog up to the base. They saw a pelican there and they drove near it. Maine pulled down the door and saw Carolina holding Texas at gunpoint with North aiming his Magmum at Carolina and CT and South watching.

Team B


Team C

Inside the Pelican, headed straight for the Insurrectionist base, there was an eery silence. North was leaning backward, his arm crossed over his chest, head down and eyes closed. South was polishing his sniper rifle, getting ready to use it. Carolina was leaning forward, resting his arms on his legs as he swung his combat knife by its handle between his index and middle fingers. Connecticut was dusting off his combat knives, getting ready to use them. And Texas was popping his knuckles and joints.

C.T. was the one who broke the silence.

"You guys ready for this?"

No one responded: South was naturally unresponsive verbally, while Carolina was forming plans in his head and North was just plain out of it.


Still no response.

"Hey, guys?"

"We heard you the first time," Carolina replied unusually calmly despite the fact that he's speaking to Connecticut, one of his least favorite soldiers.

"Well, I guess we should just hope no one dies." C.T. leaned back in his seat as he lifted his head.

The Pelican got close enough to the base that the soldiers could jump off and land safely on the roof.

"Alright everyone, this is a scavenger hunt!" North exclaimed, "Let's just find the AI and get out!"

"Easy enough." Carolina jumped out of the Pelican and dashed straight for the stairs.

"Always the first one out," South stated calmly. The others ran toward the stairs as well but in different directions. North, C.T, Tex, and South were each just checking the separate floors while Carolina had jumped over the edge of the stairs.

He grabbed onto a ledge so he get onto that floor of the base. He ran straight through as he drew his katana and slashed apart anyone that got in his way.

"You just love playing Samurai, don't you?" Doctor Hertz asked over the communicator. He was on a different frequency than everyone else so no one else but Carolina could hear him.

"What can I say? I feel like a Demon Hunter!" Carolina yelled excitedly. Underneath his helmet, he was grinning with excitement, clearly not taking the mission so seriously anymore.

North had arrived at the armory where all of the weapons were stored.

"If the AI is anywhere, it's most likely in here," he said to himself. Now, if I were an AI, where would I be? Definitely somewhere I wouldn't think to check.

North dug through the ammunition and found a secret door. It was large and fullmetal, something that you would find in a bomb shelter. That was suspicious North believed.

"This could only be here for one of two reasons," he said to himself, "Either to keep intruders out or to keep something in. Why don't we find out?" North put a hand over his ear as he spoke on the communicator. "Tex, get over to my location. I need you to bust something down for me."

South had gotten into the security room. He got in and shot the man keeping track of the security cameras. He then walked over to the terminal and looked at the cameras. He felt that he should be able to find the AI if it's in any room or hallway with a security camera. He looked through the camears but couldn't find anything.

Knowing that checking the cameras was a dead end, he decided to check the camera numbers so he knew which rooms and hallways did and, more importantly, didn't have cameras. He had compiled a list of rooms without security cameras, which he sent to North for analysis.

C.T. was searching through a hallway, attempting to find the AI based entirely on his sense of direction. He had come across a lounge type of area, where many of the Insurrectionists were relaxing until C.T. barged in on them. They had all gotten ready for combat, with C.T. just saying to himself "Oh son of a bitch."

Carolina had made it to an office which held a man in a suit with much paper work on his desk, most likely plans for either weapons or attack strategies.

"Can I help you?" he asked innocently, thinking his charm would let him get out without injury.

"Where's the AI? If anyone knows where it is, it'll be you."

"What makes you think I'll tell you?"

Carolina held his sword at his side.

"You know, in ancient China, there was a type of punishment for disrespecting nobles; I forget what it's called but I do remember how it works. You see, the process works by slicing off bits of flesh but they'd do so very carefully. They'd start with the skin, then the external muscles and eventually, they'd get to the internal organs if the victim hadn't died of shock already."

Carolina slashed upward, slicing off some of the skin on his right arm. He screamed as he began to writhe in pain.

"For every fifteen seconds you don't tell me what I want to know, I'll slice off your flesh bit by bit. If I'm really careful, I bet you'll survive through all 3000 slices."

The man looked at Carolina in terror: he knew that the government had done some bad things, terrible things, things that made him want to commit mass murder on government officials. However, he had never experienced anything like this, a man that was so terrifying, so sadistic that he could make a god kneel before him.



"I don't know anything about an AI! I swear I don't! I was only ordered to hang onto the weapon!"

Carolina could tell based on his heart rate and rate of perspiration that he wasn't lying. However, this peaked Carolina's interest.

"Weapon? Tell me more."

"It's a Quantum Generator! It's not finished yet but in three months time it'll be used to destroy the military's special forces!"

"I see. And where is it hidden?"

Tex had used his gravity hammer to bust down the door in the armory that North was suspicious about.

"Alright, let's check it out." North and Tex walked through the hallway to the corridor.

"I hope it's a monster of some kind," Tex stated, "I'm kinda hungry."

"Why would it be a monster?"

"Maybe they're having trouble controlling it so they locked it up until they can reel it in."

"Even if you're right, if it was a monster, we would've heard roaring by now."

"Not necessarily. Monsters come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. It could be as large as a titan or as small as a bunny rabbit."

"Then how would it be of any use?"

"Maybe it shoots lasers or something."

"Okay, now you're just making stuff up."

They came to the end of the hallway and saw something. It was a large contraption with a two ion lasers pointed at each other. It was difficult to discern what exactly it was due to its incomplete shape but North thought it was worth mentioning.

"Tex, see if you can figure out what this thing is. I need to analyze some data."

"Guys, head for the armory!" It was Carolina over the commlink.

"Why? Is something in there?" C.T. asked as he stood in front of a mass of corpses.

"Did you find the AI?" South asked as he ran through the halls.

"We have more important things to worry about! Inside the armory is a quantum generator! I've destroyed the plans for it but if it stays in its current condition, they may be able to continue working on it!"

"A quantum generator!?" North was completely and utterly shocked. A quantum generator is by far one of the strongest weapons in the entire universe, right next to the Gamma Bomb. With it, the user could generate a black hole that could swallow up a whole galaxy if the user wanted to. And given the size of the generator North was looking at, he suspected it was large enough to do just that. "Tex, break that contraption! We can't leave with it in one piece!"

"Say no more!" Tex overloaded the power cells on his Gravity Hammer and, with one overcharged burst, compressed the entire machine into a metallic pancake.

CT, South, and Carolina had just arrived at the Armory.

"Good eye, Carolina," North mentioned.


"But what about the AI?" C.T. was completely confused.

"There is no AI," Carolina replied, "It was all a hoax. The Director sent us on a wild goose chase."

"Misinformation?" South asked.

"Could be," Carolina replied. Or it could be an ulterior motive.

"Well, since nothing's here, we'd may as well get out of here," North stated, which prompted everyone to leave the armory and head for the outside. However, Carolina got a message over his commlink.

"Dick!" Doctor Hertz was completely alarmed. "It was a hoax!"

"I know," Carolina whispered into his commlink, "The Director set us up."

"Yes but I'm calling about why! One of the members of your team is a sleeper agent!"


"He's going to start killing the ones that the Director doesn't need."

"Which one is it?"

"You'll know based on his heavy breathing."

Then, Carolina heard it in the very back of the pack; his breathing was becoming uneasy, heavy, somewhat distorted, the sounds of a hulking monster.

Carolina saw in the corner of his eye Tex, standing right behind South, raising his gravity hammer over his head to hit South and potentially kill him. Carolina, in mere moments, drew his combat knife and threw it at Tex's gravity hammer where the gravity generator met the handle, breaking it off, rendering it useless. Carolina then immediately ran at Tex at high speed, surprising everyone else as he hit Tex with a couple of punches, sending him straight at the wall. Carolina then put a foot on his chest and pointed his magnum at Tex's face as he said "Don't move if you know what's good for you."

North, in response, pointed his sniper rifle at Carolina as he yelled "Carolina, drop your weapon!"

As that went on, Maine rushed in and witnessed the scene, making a number of different judgments.


"What's going on here?" Maine asked out of nowhere.

"Nothing, Fuck-face get the hell out of here!" snapped Carolina.

"Sure looks like something." said Utah.

Maine hooked the Warthog to the pelican and started piloting it.

"What do you think you're doing?!" asked Carolina.

"Flying your ass back to base." said Maine.

"Hell no!"

Carolina ordered CT to pilot the pelican and everyone, except Maine, to sit down. Carolina opened the pelican door and unhooked the Warthog sending it flying down to the ground.

"What was that for?" said Maine.

"For you." said Carolina.


Carolina shot Maine many times and then kicked him off the pelican. Maine landed on the Warthog front hard breaking many of his bones and causing the Warthog to explode, killing Maine.

"MAINE!!! NOOOO!" screamed CT.

"Fucking asshole." said Texas.

"Carolina what the hell?!" exclaimed Virginia.

Out of nowhere, the same man that encoutered Team A returned with a injured Wyoming and dropped him out in the pelican. Then the man turned his attention towards Carolina.

"Hello, Agent Carolina" said the man as he grinned under his helmet.

"Who the hell are you?" said Carolina.

"Im your new replacement. I'm your fucking nightmare."

"Please." Carolina brushed this off.

"We will see each other... Verry soon."

"What the hell does that mean?"

The man jumped out the pelican, and made his way quickly to Maine's aid.

"Agent Maine, are you okay?"

Maine grunts and coughs.

The man talks into his Wrist Comm.

"Command, we need an evac. Mission was a success..."

The man looks at Agent Maine.

"Sort of..."

He picked up the injured soldier and a Pelican has arrived. When the doors open, standing there was the Director of Project Freelancer, he smirked, nodded, and said,

"Good work, Agent Alaska."

Alaska nodded, boarded the pelican, and they went back to base.

A Thousand Knives

New Arrivals

The freelancers returned to their base with all of them in confusion. Many questions bounced around in the minds of the agents. Who was that mysterious guy? Is Maine and Wyoming going to be alright? Why was there no AI's at any of the 3 locations the Director told us to go to?

"Agents, I know you must be wondering why wasn't there any AI's on the mission." said The Counselor "It is because The Director has managed to create one on his own, he will now be able to make the copies of this A.I. unit for each of you."

"Also, there is a new freelancer joining us today. He is known as Agent Alaska" said The Director.

"What kind of name is that?" asked Carolina.

"It is classified, Carolina. Much like your name is. Also, you may be suprised at what he can do."

"Director may I go get our new arrival?" said The Counselor

"As you wish Counselor." said The Director

The Counselor went to get agent Alaska. When he came back everyone but Carolina, The Director, and North gasped. The Director smiled. The new freelancer was 6"5, making him the tallest freelancer there. Even taller than Agent Maine. He had standard addition MJOLNR armor with the Rogue helmet. Along with his Rogue helmet came with a Recon chestplate, a Recon left shoulder pad, and a Security right shoulder pad. His primary armor color was White and his secondary armor color was black.

"Doesn't look so special to me." muttered Carolina.

"Alaska, the agents that stand in front of you are known as agents Arkansas, Nevada, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Virginia, Connecticut, Texas, Washington, and California."

"There are 4 other freelancers too, Alaska. Their names are Maine, Wyoming, York, and Utah. York, however is dead. So you won't be able to meet him. Maine, Wyoming, and Utah are being hospitalized right now. Thanks to your help, Maine will be out in 7 days time."


Utah was finally released from the hospital and was walked to his room until North stepped out of nowhere and confronted him.

"I know that you heard about our little plan." said North.

"The Director is going to lead us to hell!"

"Nobody even cares about you, why do you risk your own life just to let them know?"

"Nothing else to say eh?"

"They might not care about me, but I care about them."

Utah turns around to walk away. North is angered by his words and pulls out a Magmum and aims it at Utah

"I know you aren't going to really shoot that." Utah stated.

North then shoots three times with all 3 bullet landing in Utah's back. Utah falls to the ground as North quickly run away from the scene to try to cover up his tracks. However, he didn't know that Arkansas suddenly woke up after hearing the gunshots. Ark rushes to when Utah is at and goes to Utah's side, easily telling that the gunshots were fatal. Refusing to let a friend die, Ark tried to get help but was held in place by Utah.

"It was North...."

"Arkansas you never payed attention to something very obvious and that obvious thing is that I love you"

Ark is very shocked by this.

"If i'm going to die I'm glad I'm dying next to you."

After Utah finishes his sentence he dies.

"NO! NO DON'T YOU DIE ON ME DAMMIT!"Ark holds on to Utah's body close to his chest while he sobbed. Guards later arrived to find Ark in that pose, unable to let his friend go. The next day the agents held a funeral for agent Utah.

"Agents we are all here today to mourn about a loved one. He is known to us as Agent Utah. Let's all pay our respects to him." said The Director

Every agent was at the funeral except for Arkansas, Maine, and Wyoming. All the agents mourn for Utah. Alaska doesn't know what else to say, but, "Sorry," as for his first impression, he shot Utah in the foot.

The Twins

Two days later Wyoming fully recovered from his injures and was welcomed by his new comrade, Alaska. They quickly got along quite well and became friends. The Director has revealed that 2 more agents have joined the agency. Agent Arizona, and her twin sister Agent Montana. Alaska and Montana took a great liking to each other fairly quickly. Alaska has also become friends with and Arizona. In 5 days Arizona and Montana were scheduled to battle Carolina in a training session. Arizona has the standard Spartan II armor. With the Security helmet, CQB left and right shoulders, and the EOD chestplate. She is an expert grenadier and the stronger twin. Montana also has the standard Spartan III armor. With the ODST helmet, Recon shoulders, Tactical Recon chestplate, Tac pad on her left wrist, and a trauma kit on her left thigh. She is a very skilled combat medic and the older twin.

The New "Guy"

"Agent Alaska, please report the command room." ordered The Director from the intercom.

All the other agents went to the cafeteria, and started chatting as usual.

"Hey Arizona, hey Montana." said CT

"Hi, C.T." said the twins in unison.

"Looks like your new here. Want me to tell you about the other agents?"

"No thank you. We're kind of eating." said Montana.

"Oh, okay."

Across the cafeteria Wyoming and Washington were in a very "important" conversation.

"Hey Wyoming?"


"Do you ever wonder-" Wyoming cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

"Why we're here?"

"Well... I wasn't going to say that. But, no."

"What were you going to say?"

"Why is there so much cheese in the yogurt."

A long pause.


~Cuts to Carolina thinking~

...I swear I saw that armor before. Where had I seen it?...

Carolina's eyes widened

It was him! That g-

"Hey Carolina is something on your mind?" asked Nevada.


All of a sudden the cafeteria doors open. All the freelancers turn their attention to the see Alaska, standing there, scanning the room for empty seats. He starts to walk to an empty table in the corner of the room. Everyone watches as he sits down. Once Alaska touches the seat with his bottom everyone goes right back to what their were doing.

"What the fuck is with this guy?" asked Carolina.

C.T. walked towards where Alaska was sitting. He stops at the table and stares at Alaska. In return, Alaska stares at C.T.

"Are they gay?" asked Washington from 4 tables down.

Arkansas punches Washington in the arm for his comment.

"Ow, what the hell?"

Arkansas looks back down and continues eating his food.

A long pause.

Finally Alaska nods and C.T. sits down.

C.T. starts the conversation with, "Thanks for saving my friend."

"No problem."

"My name is Greg Lee, or Agent Connecticut, or C.T. for short." C.T. said while holding out his hand.

Alaska looks at C.T. and then shakes his hand.

"What's your name? Where are you from? How did you do it?"

"You ask a lot of questions."

C.T. looks down and apoligizes

"Just call me Alaska."

"Oh, okay, Alaksa. You can call me C.T."

"Yeah, I know. You've gave me three names to adress you by."

"Oh yeah. Sorry for asking so much questions... But... Why did you save Maine?"

"Don't ever feel sorry for asking questions. That's how you find answers. I saved your friend because he was one of our soldiers. Carolina had no right to do what he did." Alaska said while looking at Carolina, who has been staring at him from across the room the whole time.

~Cuts to Carolina and Nevada~

Nevada asks, "What's your deal with him?"

"Nothing. We had a little talk on the way home from the mission. I just didn't expect him to be here."

~Cuts to Alaska and CT with Alaska laughing after CT says something funny.~

"Hey want to see something cool?" asked Alaska.

"What?" replied C.T. raising his eyebrow in curiousity.

"This." replied Alaksa as he opened up his hands to reveal a mini green spartan standing there.

"What is that? Why is it so small? Why is it green?"

Everybody turned their attention to the table and the mini-green spartan dissappeared. All was seen was C.T. bent over on the table trying to get a closer look on the now-gone green mini-spartan.

"See? I told you they were gay!" Exclaimed Washington, with another punch from Arkansas, but except to the face.

"Ugh... It was worth it..." Washington groaned.

Alaska put on a skeptical smile.

"You scared him. Oh, and hey. You are drawing attention to us with your body."

C.T. turns around to see the whole cafeteria starring at him. C.T., embarrassed turns back to Alaska and says,

"Oh... Sorry..."

Everyone turns back to what they were doing, and the green spartan appears again.

"What's it's name?" Asked C.T.

"Delta." The green spartan answered for itself.

"Hey, little guy. I am sorry for frightning you, it's just I have never seen you before... I get it, you must be the AI that The Director created, right?"

"No. I am just a fragment. I am not the Alpha." Replied Delta.

The intercomm turns on and the voice announces that our Lunch break is over.

Washington walks by, and Delta dissappears.

"Hey, fags." Washington rudly says to C.T. And Alaska while smirking.

"Can I have one of my own?" Asked C.T. after Washington is out of their presence.

"You will soon enough... You will soon enough..." replied Alaska, standing up to leave the cafeteria.


Montana is thrown to the floor and Arizona is kicked away. The two girls recover and they run at Carolina at the same time. Arizona throws a punch and Montana tries to grab him. However, Carolina dropped himself to the floor and sweep kicks Arizona then he gets up and uppercuts Montana. Montana falls backwards and in mid-air Carolina grabs her right leg and swings her twice and then on the 3rd swing he lets her go and Montana flies into Arizona.

"Round One: over. hand-to-hand combat, complete. Point awarded to Carolina. The current score is: Team One: 0. Carolina: 1. " said F.I.L.S.S.

"Beginning pugil sticks training. Round Two begin in five, four, three, two, one. Round begin."

Arizona and Montana charge at Carolina with their sticks. Carolina swiftly brushes them away with one hit and when they fell Arizona quickly recovered and lunges at him again. However, this time Carolina jabs her in the chest with the stick and knocks her to the side. After that Montana jumps and tries to slam the stick on his head but Carolina jumps backwards and dodges it. Then he holds the stick under her and lifts it up quickly and she flips over and he slams her down to the ground.

"Round Two: over. pugil stick training, complete. Point awarded to Carolina. The current score is: Team One: 0. Carolina: 2. "

"Agent Connecticut get the fuck in there now!" said The Director.

"Okay, sir."

C.T. arrived in the training room and stood side by side with Arizona and Montana.

"Oh shit... Carolina." said C.T. worried.

"Beginning 3 on 1 hand-to-hand combat. Round Three begin in five, four, three, two, one. Round begin."

The 3 freelancers charge at Carolina, with C.T. in the front.

"This is for fucking Maine!!" yelled C.T. as he somehow, suprisingly, unbelievably managed to get a punch on Carolina's face with his right hand while having his wrist shield's on..

Carolina stumbled back for at least 2 seconds and then quickly ran up to C.T. and punched him in the face, then kneed him in the gut, then kicked his groin, kneed his face, then grabbed his right arm and twisted it, and then finally kicked C.T. away which caused him to hit a wall nearby which also caused him to get knocked out.

"Poor C.T." said Montana..

"Dang, seven hits." said Arizona.

"You counted?"

"Yeah, why not?"

Carolina jumps over Montana, grabs her from behind, and leaning his body backwards to slam Montana into the ground. Carolina then grabs Arizona and throws her high in the air and jumps back. Arizona falls face down on the floor.

"End of round three. Point awarded to Carolina. The current score is: Team one: 0, Carolina: 3" F.I.L.S.S. announced.

C.T. regains consciousness and begans for the next round.

"Now reseting floor for Lockdown Paint scenario." Announced F.I.L.S.S.

C.T. and the girls load their magnums with Lockdown paint rounds. The match begins and they quickly take cover as Carolina searches through the pillars for them.

C.T. jumps over the pillare he takes cover behind. He did this, and he was shot as soon as he made it over. Carolina shot his chest, ran over to him, and slammed him into the wall. Montana ambushed Carolina, kicking him down to the floor, and shooting his hand that held his magnum. The Director smiles. Carolina tossed it to the other hand, shot Montan nine times, and broke out of the paint. Carolina runs to Montana, punches her one time, and the paint flies off. The Director loses his smile.

"Damn, Carolina. What the hell?" Said Alaska, from the viewing room.

Arizona opens fire at Carolina, from behind cover. She misses every shot. Carolina runs and jumps over her pillar, and shoots her upside down, before he lands back down on the otherside. He rolls when he makes contact with the floor. With Arizonna now pinned to the pillar, the field resets and F.I.L.S.S. starts a new round.

Arizona flanks from the left, Montana from the right. They all surrond Carolina, while he is searching for them. They all open fire and manage to actually win the round by locking him down to the floor.

All the agents come to watch.

The next round, Carolina runs straight in, Locks C.T. Down, Punch him in the gut, and kick him into the wall. Arizona jumps on him, and he slams him over his shoulder, shoot her twice, and kick her into The same pillar as C.T. breaking the pillar. She had enough space to stand up, so he charges at her and punches her to the ground, knocking her out. He then shoots her head, pinning her to the floor. Montana jumps over a random pillar, and opens fire at him. When she gets close enough, he grabs her arm twists it around, forcing her to shoot herself with the paint, he then kicks her away to Arizona and C.T. holding her gun, and his.

Alaska makes a fist with his hand and says, "That's it! I'm going in there! F.I.L.S.S, open the door."

The Director commands that F.I.L.S.S to keep it shut. "Agent Alaska, you will not be interfering with this training match. You will sit and watch."

Alaska turns around. "But--"

"IT'S FINAL Agent Alaska." Barked The Director.

"Yes, sir."

The Director then talks to F.I.L.S.S.

"F.I.L.S.S... Please have someone get Agent Maine."

F.I.L.S.S: "Yes, Director."

Moments later, the doors open again in the training room, and out the door comes agent Maine. Maine cracks his knuckles and his neck and gets in a fighting stance. "

"Payback time, Bitch."

F.I.L.S.S sets a new round, back to Hand-to-Hand combat, and the match begins.


F.I.L.S.S. sets a new round, back to Hand-to-Hand combat, and the match begins.

Maine takes the lead and they all charge at Carolina. Maine jumps over Carolina, and Carolina quickly takes out the other three agents. Carolina kicks Arizona, and punches her to the ground. He then grabs C.T. and throws him into Montana, and grabbing hs leg after she falls to the floor, and he pulls C.T. closer to him to also slam him into the ground by punching his face. C.T's helmet falls off, and he needs to be taken to the infirmary. Maine turns around and charges at Carolina from behind, sweep kicks him and grabs him by the leg and slams him down. As Carolina gets up and and gets into stance to fight Maine. Maine throws his fist at Carolina, but Caro just grabs his fist and kicks Maine back. Maine recovers quick and charges again. Maine punches Carolina in the gut, then knees him in the groin, then kicks him up and slams him down with a fist.

Carolina gets up and punches Maine repeatedly. Carolina kicks Maine, causing him to stumble back. Maine charges at Carolina, and manages to get him into the air. Maine flips up and grabs Carolina in mid air. When they get to the ground, he slams Caro on the ground. Maine picks up Carolina by the neck, and punches Carolina in the face one last time. Carolina was out cold.

Everyone is in shock, the training is over. Team one won the match. Two agents needed to go to the infirmary that day. The shocking thing was who the agents were. Everyone stood out of Maine's way that day, they treated him like a monster. He was the first Agent in a long time to take Carolina down. The monster part of it was the way he did it.


The agents walk to the Cafeteria, with a new addition; Agent New Hampshire. Alaska leans back to the wall, waiting for Maine. When Maine arrives to the Cafeteria, he turns to Alaska and says, "Thanks." The two walk to the table where C.T. sat alone. When the two sit C.T. looks up and says, "I don't find it fair..."

"Find what not fair?" Asked Alaska.

"That Maine gets to get your A.I. when I knew about it first."

"He was hurt, Delta can help him get back to the state he was in faster. He needed it more, C.T. Besides, everyone is getting one today, anyway." Said Alaska.

C.T. rolls his eyes and mutters, "Just like the Director... You pity the fool."

"Haha. Wait.. What is that supposed to mean?" asked Maine.

Delta appears. "Agent Connecticut, can I make an analyzation? You appear to be jealous because Agent Maine receives an AI, not because of their capabilities, but because you assume that I will make you look cool?" States Delta.

Carolina walks by and was somewhat out of it. None of this makes sense he thought to himself.

"What's wrong, Carolina? Still pissed that Agent MAINE kicked your ass and made you look back in front of your girlfriend?" Said Alaska with a smirk.

Carolina stops, turns around, and notices Delta.

"An AI. Now I see." Carolina smirked behind his helmet. "Wow Maine, I didn't realize you were that pathetic. I can't believe I emasculated you to such an extent that you'd resort to cheating. And who gave you the means to cheat, Maine? The Director? North?"

"No. He got it from me." Said Alaska.

"Well, thank you, Alaska, for that tiny, insignificant detail."

"What?" Alaska asked somewhat irritatedly.

"Look, Dumbass, it doesn't matter where Maine got the AI because it doesn't change the fact that Maine cheated. And the fact remains that before he was a worthy opponent. But now he's just a hollow husk of a man. And nothing he'll ever do for the rest of his life will ever change that."

Alaska stands up, enraged about Carolina's statement.

"What's wrong? Did I hit a nerve? Do you really care about these peons that much? I'm surprised to see that you have feelings, based on your previous actions." Carolina spoke with an intentionally condescending tone, as he smiled mockingly behind his helmet.

Maine tries to hold Alaska down, while C.T. tries to calm him down.

~Meanwhile, across the room the new agent looks for a table to sit at~

Washington motions for New Hampshire to go sit down with him and North. New Hampshire walks up to the table and sits down,

"Popcorn, anyone?" Hampshire

"What the fuck?" Wash asked

"Oh, nothing much. Just popcorn." He puts the popcorn on the table. "Names New Hampshire."

"Never noticed you before." Wash said

"Probably because you didn't look anywhere for me." Hampshire told wash

"True, I haven't. I didn't even know we had a new recruit!" Wash exclaimed

"Where have you been Wash? He joined years ago."

"Yeah, so you want popcorn or do you want to eat the regular food here?" -Hampshire

"Hell, anything is better then the shit they call food." - Wash

Hampshire hands over the bag of popcorn. "Well, its better then that. Nice to meet you."

Washington takes the bag "Thanks, by the way, the names Washington, but most people just call me Wash."

New Hampshire nods "Glad to meet you. I have tons more where that came from, I normally have it as a snack."

"No kidding? That's freaking awesome!"

"Yeah, I know right?" Hampshire said, moving away from Wash, not by much, and pulls out his stun device, keeping it away from Wash just in case. He begins to tune it for a certain training session. '"Deactivated, wont hurt you."

Washington finishes eating his popcorn, much to Hampshire's surprise. "You NEED to make more of this stuff."

Hampshire puts stun device back, fully tuned and ready to go for a training match. "Yeah, I know. If you want, I can give you a few bags.' Although, your going to have to make it yourself. Heh, I'm sounding like I'm a smuggler."

North laughs and looks towards the conflict across the room and he stands up to walk to them and stop this. He tells Wash and Hampshire he will be right back.

"Carolina, that's enough. Go sit down and eat your food."

Carolina turns to North and says, "Very well, I've already done what I came do anyway." Carolina Then walks away, bumping North's shoulder on the way to his table.

Alaska's not as tough as I thought Carolina mentally noted.


Alaska returns from being called to the Director's office once again. Alaska walks into the cafeteria, where all the Freelancers are sitting.

"North, Connecticut, Wyoming... Come with me." Alaska said when he walked into the Cafeteria. They all got up and followed Alaska to the conference room.

"What's going on? Where are they going?" New Hampshire asked.

Maine looked at New Hampshire, and said, "Today's the day."

New Hampshire looked at Maine and asked, "What the fuck does that mean?"

"The top agents are getting their AIs today. That is if they have an armor enhancement that has to do with our equipment. Otherwise, there will be no point in having an AI."

New Hampshire then asks if he will be getting one, and the question was followed by a quick no from Maine.

"Why not?"

"You don't really use equipment. I mean, your reflexes are really good, but it won't kill you if you use it on the field. It's more like a Bio-enhancement..."

"Oh." New Hampshire looked down at his helmet a little disappointed.

They return, but without North. They all went back down to their tables.

Alaska and CT sat down at the table that they met in, located in the far corner in the room. Maine stood up and walked to that table, leaving New Hampshire alone.

"Hey, guys!" Maine said to Connecticut and Alaska.

"Hey." replied Alaska.

"So, what did the Director really need you for?"

"I told you, we are getting our fragments today."

"Which did you get, CT?"

Connecticut looked at Maine and was quiet for a few seconds.

"Epsilon..." He finally said.

"Memory." Alaska quickly added.

"And you?" Maine looked over to Alaska.

"Omega. Rage."

"Oh, what about the others?" Maine asked.

"North, Theta. Wyoming, Gamma."

"And they a-" Alaska cut him off.

"Empathy and Deceit."

"Oh... So what do they do?..."

"You'll see in a few minutes. Right now it's the other's turn." Alaska said pointing at the next batch of departing Freelancers. Carolina, Arkansas, and Virginia.

As they left, the other agents stand and Alaska tells them to follow to the Viewing room above the Training room. There in the center was North and Theta, prepping for their objective.


The Freelancers gathered around in the Viewing room before the testing for the Theta AI fragment started. Theta was a defensive AI, he can regenerate your shields quickly and he can form a dormed energy for a short amount of time. In today's training session with his A.I. North's A.I, Theta, will be able to enhance North's armor abilities. Everyone watched as North stood in the center of the training room, a holographic avatar of a blue and red spartan stood on his shoulder. The Director walked in, giving F.I.L.S.S. the order to activate the shield-draining machine. Soon enough; two rectangular areas on the floor beside North broke open, and two halves of a machine come up and close into each other. A black circular plate from one side of the machine slid into the center and out from it were two energy draining devices.

"Now testing normal shield regeneration." Spoke F.I.L.S.S. as the two devices spun around North, charging up as a Plasma pistol would. And in a second, North's shields were down. The machine stopped spinning and after 15 seconds, North's energy shields regenerated. The machine spun again, and North's shields went down once again. This time, with Theta's help, it took only 6 seconds, and his shields were back up.

The Director wore a smirk and nodded. He ordered for F.I.L.S.S. to reset the battlefield. She complied, and then announced that it was time to test Theta's ability; the Dormed Energy Shield.

The circular plate slid out from the middle and the two halves slid back into the ground. North then activated his Dormed Energy Shield with a diameter of 8 feet and a height of 7 feet. The shield started spinning clockwise as The Director ordered F.I.L.S.S. to activate the turrets. At least 7 turrets came out from the training room floor, surrounding North. The turrets then started firing at the shield.

"Reduce shield strength by 50%." ordered The Director.

"Decreasing shield strength." Spoke F.I.L.S.S. as the shield started flickering.

"Theta, use remaining energy to compensate for critical tiles! " North commanded to Theta.

"Okay." Theta.

Every bullet that the turrets fired were being blocked by the tiles from the shield.

"F.I.L.S.S. Reset." The Director commanded.

The floor reset, and North's shield strength regenerated to 100%

"Good job agent North Dakota," the Director said with a smirk. "Agents, dismissed."

The Director exits the room, followed by the freelancers, with the exception of Ark and Alaska.

"Does this mean I'm done? Hello?" North said, looking up to see the viewing party had left him to continue on with what they were doing.

"F.I.L.S.S. Open the door." North demanded.

"Sorry, I am only permitted to accept these types of request from the director, otherwise you will need someone to open it for you from the outside."

"F.I.L.S.S. open the damn door! "

Ark walks over to the window to see North banging on the doors and shouting at the air, making a fool out of himself. Alaska laughs, he finds this amusing, and maybe Ark would have seen the humor in this scene if he hadn't just lost his best friend, and found out who the killer was. He wanted revenge.

"Open the doors, Alaska." Demanded Arkansas

"What? Why? I thought you hated North. Don't you think that he deserves this punishment?"

"It's not to help him, Alaska. It is far from that. "

"Agent Arkansas, we all know about what happened to Utah, and we can't afford to keep losing soldiers to ourselves just because someone said some nasty words. You'll die out there."

"Why do you assume that I will die? Open the door, Alaska."

North quit his banging and shouting and turned towards the two freelancers looking down at him.

"You want to fight me? Well come on then!" shouted North.

"IF YOU INSIST!" Roared Ark as he charged towards window, breaking through the glass and landing on the Training room floor. Arkansas stood up, pulled his side arm from his waist and cocked it.

Two Betrayals

Alaska ran to the glass but stopped himself. He sighed, and thought to himself; "He needs this..."

Arkansas charged towards North, firing his magnum. North, with the help of Theta, shielded all of the bullets. As soon as Arkansas was finished with his barrage, North readied his sniper. Just then Ark's magnum met North's face, sending him back. Ark threw the magnum quickly after that. He ran to North, caught and reloaded the pistol before it hit the ground, kicked North away and shot at him several times, striking him only in the arm.

"You bitch!" North hissed, as he charged at Ark, shortly after recovering.

North threw several punches, but Ark dodged all of them. Then North took another blast to his face. He spun around, and dropped down, dodging another of Ark's punches. As he dropped, he swept Ark down from his feet. He quickly got up and grabbed Ark by the leg, pulled him towards himself, and with all his force, punched Ark in the head in mid-air. Ark rolled back and recovered, but he had dropped his pistol. North picked up his sniper and fired at Ark. Ark quickly used his thruster pack to shoot him in to the air and come falling down, aiming for North. Ark came crashing into the ground. as North jumped back and reloaded. He put up the domed energy shield as Ark picked up his magnum from the floor. Ark fired two times, then charged to North. The shield set of an electrical charge, draining Ark's shields and stopping him from entering the dome with North.

"You're a lot slower than I thought Ark!"

Just then Washington walked into the viewing room, with a quite rude way of doing so.

"Sup, faggot?" said Wash as he walked over to Alaska who had his eyes locked on the battle.

"What'cha looking at?" said Wash.

"I asked you a question!" He shouted with persistence. He looked over to the broken wall of glass and saw the two freelancers fighting in the training room.

"Is this another round?"

"No..." Alaska finally replied.

There was a silence.


Just then all of the agents walked into the room with curiosity. They all looked down onto the battlefield and the smirks they all wore broke and they knew things were serious. Carolina pushed threw the crowd for a better view of the fight. He stood next to Alaska and watched his friend.

"Alaska, what's going on? Tell me now." Demanded Carolina.

"It's payback time..."


"Just watch."

It grew silent, and as the crowd watched, Ark stood back up. He then charged at the shield, and North set off another disruption wave. Ark knew what to do. He used his Dark Matter Converter to absorb the energy of the blast, and broke the shield. The shield disappeared. North was vulnerable. Ark transferred all of the power he absorbed to his armor around his right hand and forearm. He sent one last punch to North, sending him flying.

He ran to North, firing his gun, like the beginning, hitting North three times.

As he ran he shouted, "I'm only slow because I wasn't sprinting!"

North got up and his shields regenerated. Ark stopped running. They starred at each other for 15 seconds. The room was silent.

"Your friend Utah died like a coward." said North, breaking the silence.

"I'm going to rip your throat out!"

Ark charged at North, and dodged North's every punch. He could tell North was tiring out.

"How are the legs old man? Getting tired?!" Ark taunted.

"Grrrr, SHUT UP!" shouted North in return.

"Alright, it's time to finish this!" shouted Ark.

Ark pulled off his helmet and grabbed North's punch after his next throw. He twisted his arm, making North fall to his knees and scream with agony.

"You are about to feel the wrath of aftermath, wanker." Ark said, spitting onto North's visor.

North looked into Ark's eyes, and Ark pulled out his kukri, got it ready and starred at North as he begged. Then, from across the room Carolina shouted, "SHOW NO MERCY!"

Ark then shoved his blade through the chest of North, followed by his whole fist. He pulled it back, leaving a hole in the center of North's chest. Ark grabbed his magnum, aimed it to North's head, and made sure he was dead. With all of this, he only wore an expressionless face. Though he had sought vengeance for his fallen friend; all he tasted was a bitter taste. He felt as if he did not win the war. He had started anew.

Man Down

Alaska jumped down into the room and walked towards Ark. Ark stood tall and erect, looking down at the corpse of his traitorous ally. If it weren't for his act of treason and disloyalty to the rest of the agents; perhaps he could have lived. But no. It was too much, he had to go. He has kept too many secrets. He has killed one of our own. And now the Director had to see that they aren't playing around anymore.

Alaska walked up to North's body and removed a chip from the back of his helmet. Along with his armor ability.

"Alaska," Ark said.

Alaska stood up and before Ark can continue he spoke.

"I know..." Alaska removed his helmet and looked down at the chip that held his AI, Theta.

"Hello, Theta. Welcome." He muttered to himself as he inserted the chip into the back of his head and put his helmet back on.

"I'll let the Director deal with you, Ark. It looks like you've drawn a crowd. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame before it's gone." Alaska left the training room floor and everyone stood quiet, looking down at North in the damaged training room. After several moments Ark followed Alaska and as he came through the doors to the viewing room, the other freelancers stepped aside to form a path. Carolina patted Ark on the back and began to follow him.

"How did it feel? Someone had shut that asshole's mouth before I did. I'm kind of disappointed in you, Ark. You left no piece of him for me."

Ark stood silent. He knew he has wronged, and if this was his final moments in Project Freelancer, he was ready for anything. His punishment was not going to be pretty after all he's done. Killing the Director's pet. He wanted to make this quick; he headed straight to the Bridge.

Ark held his arm out in front of Carolina, and he stopped. Ark then walked through the doors alone.

New Orders

Judging from how he was confronted by Alaska earlier, Arkansas would be chided for what he did. To kill off a member of Project Freelancer like that, it was almost barbaric but so was what North did to his friend. Even though he could never return his feelings, he always will love him as a brother. And that won't ever change, and not the death of North either. Either way, he deserved it. The bastard killed his best friend. No matter what the Director says now will ever change the fact that the revenge was worth it. As he approached the Director's desk, the Director looked up at him.

"Hello, Agent Arkansas... I've heard of your encounter with Agent North Dakota...." The Director said with a sharp tone.

"Director, sir." Arkansas replied with a sharp salute, and sat down.

The Director looked to the right where Alaska walked out from the shadows. "Don't worry, Ark. We don't have to make things difficult..." The Director looked back at Arkansas and his expression changed to an angry one. He was not happy that his top soldier was killed off by another one of his own agents. "Agent Arkansas, what was that all about? I don't run this project for you to go around killing each other. Just for what? Some personal vendetta over Utah?"

"It wasn't a personal vendetta, sir." Arkansas had to choose his next words very carefully. As much as he would like to be crass against the Director and ultimately rude, he needed to have some respect. Which was hard. "It was...something else. But I know how it looks that way. I have a feeling that something is going on here, and I'm not the only one sometimes. But why didn't you question your other agent about this? North Dakota? Even if you knew it was him that killed Utah?"

"From Utah's recent activity, he was not fulfilling his orders, nor was he the soldier we needed him to be. If he were anything close to a good soldier he would still be here and we wouldn't have to send our agents to take him down, now, would we? You seem to be not so far from his position, Arkansas. I don't give a damn about what the other agents think. They've come to work: and work is what they shall do!"

Arkansas braced himself and with a brief silenced, stared Alaska in the eye.

"I find it funny, Alaska.. That you say that," he removed his helmet and looked down at the battle-scarred armament. "You say I am not too far from his position. I find it hard to believe, when I was the one who took down one of your 'top' in the first place."

That definitely hit a nerve.

"Alaska, ready the team! Mission briefment will be in two hours. Move!"

"Yes, Sir!" Alaska said with a salute, before he ran out the door.

The Director looked at Ark, a stern look on his face. "Now, I'm giving you one chance to redeem yourself, Arkansas. You will be accompanying the other agents in this mission... I'll disregard your last statement, and let you think about your offer. The mission is optional for you. If you succeed, we will wipe your slate clean.  If you decline, then we will have you removed from the agency, and your existence. Permanently! Is this understood?" The Director slammed his hand on the desk as he finished explaining the consequences. He sat down and looked at Ark.

"...Yes, sir." Arkansas didn't want to talk about this anymore. He was starting to feel more like he was blurting out nonsense then anything else beforehand, but Arkansas simply nodded. He felt... ashamed, almost. "Ill take it." "Good, now go to Alaska. He will brief you on this next mission." The Director shoo'd Ark off as he looked down at his paperwork, getting engrossed in to it.

Arkansas flinched, but got up and walked out of the door.

The Motive Behind The Motive

New Hampshire walks in, and sat down on the chair. He actually wanted to talk about the director about this for quite a while. No more stupid quips from him. No more annoying comments. He was going to have a serious conversation with the Director. Which may or may not piss him off.

"May I ask, why are you here, New Hampshire?" The Director said, pulling his head up from his papers. About an  hour ago he had the talk with Arkansas. Thankfully he calmed down, even if a little bit he calmed down.

"I have been hoping to talk to you for quite a while Director. I am here to discuss Project Freelancer and uh..."
He coughs.

"Some of its flaws?"

This piqued the Director's curiosity. "Flaws?... Go on..."

"No offense, but there are plenty of them. You have to trust in your agents and have them work together, not put them against each other. While most of the freelancers are friendly, some are downright competitive to the extent of killing other freelancers to get to their goal. I for one have witnessed plenty of betrayal over my years, but eliminating an agent because they aren't working well for you anymore just wont work out. It would bi- It would hurt, as with what had happened with North and Arkansas. That's one fine example."

"There is also the taxing. The taxing the taxing... I walk to the firing range in the facility every morning and shoot at the targets every day. And its depressing aside from the company you can have there. I know this is no charity work, and its for the benefit of mankind, but most agents... I'm not sure."
He shifted himself. "Also, I would more suggest a mind wipe instead of killing a human being. The fact is.. You're the Director. To some you are their father." NH finished for the moment.

"Killing a human being? What are you talking about, New Hampshire?" The Director said, getting severely annoyed by New Hampshire's talk.

"Things, I dunno. I have learned plenty of things." He shot his eyes to his reflection in the Director's shades and sighed.
"I'd rather not talk about that topic at the moment, if you would please?"

The Director grew impatient with New Hampshire's babble. "Things? You are speaking non-sense, New Hampshire. If you've come here to babble about Freelancer Conspiracies and how I'm such a tyrant, then you can leave."

"I'm not talking about freelancer conspiracies, even if they are true or not."

"No, you've come here to talk to ME. What you bring to the table is what we will 'eat.'"

New Hampshire finally spoke out with conviction in his voice. "Implants." He took a step closer. "I was wondering... Are you developing them? The real thing, that is, not the kind the UNSC give to their soldiers."

"The 'real thing'? You are speaking of our AI, right? We have not acquired the technology, or the funds to produce more than two full, capable AI. All we have here are just but fragments."

"I'm not questioning how you get them. In fact, I don't really care."

"And I was not going to tell you." The Director matter-of-factly replied.

"I'm curious as to how you are going to -use- them." New Hampshire continued.

"Its just a little prod, in the back of my head. You don't have to answer either, Director. Its something that I've been catching on to."

"So you are asking for AI-information sessions?" The Director inquired, curious.

"This m- Oh no, of course not. Classes about 'how to taim' your AI?" Hampshire added to lighten the mood. He quickly saw the lack of amusement within the Director and concluded the meeting.

"Its something that will be revealed many times over. And I'm sorry for how this meeting has went, truly, I am.
Its confusing. But, my friend, it looks like my time is up."

"Yes, yes it is." The Director said with a more of a calm tone.

"New Hampshire, if you are truly interested of how we will be using our AI, speak with the Counselor. We will be holding new training sessions."

"I'm talking about the motive behind the motive, if that makes any sense. And these classes for AI, and what do they do.

"We will inform you of everything you need to know to get prepared. New Hampshire, I have work to do. Speak to the Counselor."
"Yes, sir."
New Hampshire got out of his seat and walked out of the room.

Alaska walked out from the shadows and removed his helmet. "I think that went well. I didn't have to step in this time, Director."
"Alaska, I have work to do." The Director looked away and made peace with the silence of his room.

"Right, Director..." Alaska witnessed something he hadn't in the Director that he hadn't for his entire time being in the agency: The director was afraid. Alaska turned and put his helmet back on as he exited the room.

New Hampshire walked down the hall, smirking. "Mission Complete."

Mission Briefment

Alaska walked to the Director, who was still into his paperwork. Though he might look overwhelmed; it was actually all a front to get the agents to leave him alone for a second.

"Sir, the agents are ready for you." Alaska said with a salute.

"Good," the Director replied, standing from his chair and walking Alaska out the door.

As they walked through the doors to the briefing room, the top agents, with the exception of Montana and Arizona were waiting there for them.

"Good evening, freelancers."

"Now you might be wondering you are all here." Arkansas grunts and leans on his helmet, which sits on the edge of the table. "Have to assume it's a mission. No other reason to be here."

Nevada and Carolina stand at his sides, the woman’s arms crossed and Carolina standing in a non-caring slouch.

"Good point, agent Arkansas." said the Councilor.

"Shut up, Councilor."

"Of course, sir.”

Maine holds his head in pain as looks at the map.

"Agent Alaska, may you please inform the other agents what we have for them today."

"Of course, sir." Said Alaska

"Apparently we have not obtained enough of the technology necessary to create an efficient amount of AI at this moment. Another note to add to that; the Insurrectionist knew what we were coming for last time and they hid the damn codes. Our mission now is to obtain it. Along with two other fundamental... Pieces. We will be split up into three teams, as before. The teams shall consist of the top agents on the leaderboard, and in the agency. As you can see when you look around you, we are no joke."

"Alaska, please, that is irrelevant." The Councilor said.

"Yeah, tell us the good part." CT added.

"Alright... Alpha squad will consist of Maine, Carolina, and I. Our objective is to obtain the artifact needed to even start the process of forging an AI. Which is on the top of a 978 floor building..."

"That's high..." Added Washington.

"Yes, that's very high, smartass. Let me continue. The building is heavily guarded by insurrectionist soldiers. And before anyone asks- it’s enough defenses to fill a skyscraper with 978 floors. I will be leading this operation. Sync?“

“Sync.” The members of Alpha squad said.

“Bravo squad will consist of Arkansas, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Montana. You will obtain the data files in the main HQ of the Insurrectionist quadrant of the city. You will find them in the main computer of the CO's desk. The HQ is in the center of their quadrant, so you will have to find another way in to the building, the front door is not a viable option. New Hampshire will be leading this operation”

"Downside is, doubt any of us are hackers." Ark points out.

"You clearly do not know your own fellow agents enough, do you?"

"Guess not." He bites back snidely.

Nev gives him a thump on his shoulder, putting him in his place. Alaska shakes his head. New Hampshire sighs.

"I'll get it done, Alaska." New Hampshire said, stepping up and nodding at Alaska to proceed.

"Thank you." Alaska looked down to the holographic table which displayed a highway leading to an open space which appears to be an LZ of some sort.

"Charlie team, you will be in charge of getting the codes needed to actually access the files."

"Seems easy enough. I can do it myself." Washington exclaimed, smugly.

"If you can do it yourself, we would have sent you by yourself, wouldn't we have? But you can't. You are incapable. Please Proceed, Alaska." Returned the Director.

"Right. The catch is that it's being held by one of the top soldiers of the Insurrectionist. Who is being escorted through the city to an LZ that will be guarded by hundreds of Innie’ soldiers. Your job is to get the brief case of files before he gets a chance of escape. We are leaving Texas in charge of this."

"But when you do, leave no survivors. Do it with as hasty as possible, we do not want more trouble then we will have at this point. The Soldiers escorting him are the toughest we will ever face."

"That is all." Alaska looked at the Director.

The Director looked at him and nodded.

"Alright team, we leave before dawn tomorrow."

"This was all understood? Sync?"

 "Automatic dishwasher." Maine said, saluting.

Alaska looked at the agents. "SYNC?!"

"Sync" Carolina, Arkansas and Nevada say in unison.

Alaska stood up. "Good."

"Dismissed." The Director said.

The trio; Ark, Carolina, and Nevada, make their way out. As Alaska grabbed his helmet from the table, put it on and motioned Maine and CT to follow him as he exited the room. Maine and CT follow

Wash, Wyoming, Texas, South, and the twins sit there like idiots staring at the holographic table that is now black and displays nothing.

"I said dismissed!" Barked the Director.

They then walk out of the room and look at each other like they don't know what they have done wrong. Meanwhile, the “trio” stand in a separate hallway, conversing amongst themselves. While Alaska went to the firing range to do some target practice.

"Hey, Theta. I could use some help with my aiming, you wanna help?" Alaska asked with a calm tone.

Theta appeared and was shy at first. "Y-you want my h-help Alaska?..."

"Yeah, why not?" He said with a bit of excitement in his voice.

Montana leaned back against the wall and arms crossed as her and her sister watched Alaska baby his AI.

"Look at him. He's treating it like a baby." Montana said to her sister.

"Well, you heard the Councilor, that one needs special treatment. It's... 'unique."

"Oh yeah? What's so special about them? I don't understand. I can't find a single reason we need these things; from my perspective they are insulting us. We don't need improvement; we have the best soldier the world can supply us with."

“It's much more than that, Monty." Arizona said, trying to calm her sister down.

"How can you just agree with it so fast, Arizona? You might not take it to an off-"

"Hey, I don't see why you are so worked up about this; you are not even on the leaderboard." Interrupted Washington, leaning against the wall next to the door, arms crossed and wearing his helmet to block his devilish smirk.

Ark pauses as he rounds the corner, hearing Wash’s comment.

Maine also pauses as he rounds the corner, also hearing Wash’s comment.

"Hmph, board position doesn't mean anything, Washington."

"Well, to the Director it surely does."

He grunts and looks at Alaska and Theta. Alaska stops for a moment as he hears the others bicker. He shakes his head slightly and continues to fire his pistol, nailing every moving target in the chest of the board.

Wash laughs and pats Ark on the back. "I'm just fucking with ya. Geez."

Ark shakes his head. "You have a really weird definition of 'fucking with ya', Wash."

"Well, you have a real weird choice in friends, Ark..."

"I just enjoy looking at people differently."

Alaska stops, and everyone else goes silent after the next statement.

"Enjoy looking at people differently? One you sound like more of a rapist then the Councilor, and Two; you have weird choice of friends... And a weird way of dealing with 'em. Killing another one of your own over a disagreement? How fucked up are you?"

Ark's fingers clench into fists as Alaska lowers his weapon to listen closer.

"What you gonna do? Kill me too?"

Ark lowers his head, and stalks off.

"That's what I thought."

"That's a lot coming from someone who just barely made the leaderboard." Alaska said. Walking away.

Ark whirls around, punching Wash square in the jaw.

Maine looks in on this.

The knock sends Wash flying into the wall, leaving a dent in the wall. Ark then grabs Wash by the throat, repeatedly slamming him against the wall.

"Fuck you! You don't know anything!" Barked Ark as he barraged his colleague 

“Oh shit.......” said Maine quietly to himself, as the twins sit and watch in terror as Ark unleashes fiery on Washington.

Alaska looked over at Ark and his eyes widened.

"No!" Alaska charged at Ark, knocking him away, and with little force, punching him sending him to hit the ground and rolling, coming to a stop on his side.

His vision blurs, as he tries to sit up.

"Arkansas. Remember your place right now. You are on probation, I will let this one side for the bad mouthing from Wash; but take this as another warning."

"Another false move like this; and you will have your title as a freelancer stripped away from you and then you will finally see what the Director’s view of his soldiers like you are!"

Maine was surprised to hear this from Alaska, and after seeing what Arkansas is capable of, he feels as if this shall really be the last enemy he makes at this moment.

 Ark shakes his head and stands, rubbing the spot where Alaska hit. "Like anybody would care." He gives Alaska a mocking salute, and walks away. Alaska shakes his head and watches as Arkansas walked away. Meanwhile, in the corner; Montana and Arizona were shaking, scared out of their lives.

"H-heheh, thanks." Wash said, holding his hand up for a high-five.

“I don’t know why you are thanking me, peasant. We aren’t friends, I don’t like you; nor does any other agent in this facility enjoy your presence. All you do is cause pain, hate, and disruption. So will you please do me the courtesy and leave me alone, you Leaderboard peasant.”

Wash looked down to the floor and then walked away sadly, holding his head in pain.

Theta appeared. "Was that last statement neci- well... What goes around comes back around I suppose can be a said excuse, right?"

"Whatever you want it to be, Theta. I'm going to bed..."

Alaska walked out of the room to his.

0401; Re-run


It is time for the freelancers to leave today. Three seperate Pelicans land in the hangar awaiting for pick-up. Alpha squad was the first to leave, as the other two pelicans have been suffering from some technical difficulties. There might be a chance that at least one of them won't make it back, but the crew tried their best to prevent that from happening.

Alpha squad

~this part of the story has not been written yet~

Bravo squad

Montana checked her weapons. She sat on a couple of crates outside, waiting for the Pelican crew to announce they were ready. She kept her head down and focused on her task at hand.
Arkansas and Nevada can be seen by the hangar entrance, appearing to bicker as the man shakes his sniper rifle at her and she shakes her head, arms crossed. She made sure all of her equipment was up and running, and if she needed it on the battle field, she will be ready. At this point she realized how stupid she sounded as she spoke about the AI, she realizes now that she has one. Omega appeared floating to the right of her.

"I am glad to serve you, Montana." Omega said, as his avatar took a bow.
"Yeah," Montana replied, ignoring the AI, focused on her equipment.
"Montana, I doubt you will need my assistance, a beautiful and strong freelancer as yours-"
"Give it a rest, Omega. We both know this equipment is not safe for testing and without help from an AI, my armor will be toast."
Ark looks over, slipping his sniper rifle onto his back. Nev does the same, sliding an AR onto hers as they approach and climb into the pelican.
She walked over to the Pelican and stepped on board. She rested her head back against the wall and sighed. She closed her eyes for a moment and waited for the plane to take off.
New Hampshire rubbed his back for a moment before grabbing his Humbler Stun Device and attaching it to his belt. He set his MA7B on his back, the magnetic straps connecting to meet his weapon. It was the same for his magnum. Testing his enhancements (Hardened Armor, Reflex Enhancements) and groaning in some amount of mental stress, he was ready. Although he wasn't a sniper like Ark, he could adapt in most ways others couldn't. He had weapon training in all walks of life, so, he was essentially prepared for anything. He seriously had to change his Humbler Stun Device to a Tesla Tanto, obviously the tesla Tanto would be best considering its tesla technology. Although some think that -

He was getting into a tangent again. Hampshire sighed and walked onto the pelican humbly.

Ark and Nev sit down across from her, side by side. Nev looked down at her wrist, tapping away idly at her data pad.

Ark looks up as Ham walks in. "Hey, Ham, Monty."
"Ark." New Hampshire replied in kind, and looked down on the pelican's metal floor. Or was it some other material? He shook his head and wondered if he would also get an AI as well. If he did, he would view it as a violation if it searched his memories. But if he could find an AI that he could trust He was mostly silent during the briefing because of the fact that, one way or another, he was going to fail. He rubbed his hands together, creating some amount of friction between the two. "So."

Montana sat at the end of the row, next to the door of the Pelican. She looked out, as the doors closed shut and they took off. Montana looked down at her shotgun and ran probabilities in her head, what was going to happen if one of them die? What if she couldn't get to one in time because they were surrounded? What kind of security would they have waiting for them?
New Hampshire inhaled and exhaled repeatedly.

Even in battle, he remained a sort of calm.
This was what made leaders, and he could already identify most members had this trait in freelancer.

Montana looked over at Nevada and Arkansas, then to her squad leader. "You guys ready?:
In a sense, he felt proud to be beside brothers and sisters, but...what would happen if he died? Would there be a big clash or...something? He opened up a data file with a data pad and looked at Montana, then the others.

She looked down at her shotgun and thought about the battle again. The main recurring question echoed into her mind; how are we even going to get into the building? With the overlook of the battlefield it seemed like there was no corner un-covered or any side with a week spot. No way to drop in right above, it's guarded by anti-air craft batteries.
"What are we going to do boss? We got a long walk to the building. We need a plan now, we are here." Montana said, shooting a glance towards Hampshire.
Just then, the Pilot announced she was bringing them down.
"Give me a minute, not sure what to think about yet." No corner u-

The Pelican touched ground and Montana got up, looked down and jumped out.
'Are the sewers an option?' The leader wondered, and New Hampshire stepped out, taking out his assault rifle and prepping his Humbler Stun Device.
The dead-sky was now growing to life. The sun slowly rose over the Metropolis. The city was urban and decrypt, but obviously there was life teeming in this city. Some parts had rundown shacks, others looking well-kept.
Ark joined her a moment later, SMG held in his right grip. Nevada followed after, Assault Rifle in hand.

"So we just wing it?" Ark asks, looking over at Ham.
Dark clouds slowly moved towards their direction. "Yo, boss."
So many flashbacks, so many plans. So many things, yet, it was perfect.
She pointed to the Clouds that were obviously due for precipitation. It was a big storm coming their way, which could possibly act as cover for their acts.
"Did they cover the sewers?" Hampshire asks.
Nevada slightly bumps Arks shoulder and they share a visor look, before they both look back at Ham.

"They didn't cover the sewers, no."
"Were you not paying attention? I don’t even think we will have to use the sewers." Montana aggresively spits at Ark.

Ark frowns as he gazes about, taking in the surroundings. More than likely his skills were going to be suppressed until they reached the building itself, and even then probably not used as much as possibly could. It would just be him, a jet pack, and an SMG. Odds were tilting in the others favor of doing more than he could this time around.

"The Holographic table should have provided you with enough information, sir." Montana rolled her eyes and shook her head. She watched as the Pelican took off, and heavy drops of water rained down on the freelancers.
It wasn't long before the skies grew dark again, and Montana's visor was covered in streaks of water flowing down to drop off of the bottom of her helmet.
Nevada looks over at Ark, seeing his gaze tilted to the ground, and her gaze softens. He was in his self-conscious mode again, it was easy to tell. She reached over, giving Ark a shoulder squeeze and a pat on the back.

“How about the front door?” New Hampshire boasted out.
Montana shook her head and looked at Ark."Can you shoot well in the rain?"
Ark's head shot up at that. A feeling of giddiness overwhelming him. His skills would come even better if they assaulted the front door. Marksmanship was an art, and Ark was a master.

"Heh... You sure?" Even if he tried to express doubt, it was more than obvious he was excited.
"This must be hard for you, Hampshire, huh?" Montana snapped at the struggled agent.
"You better make a decision fast before time's up, sir." She used the word sir as a type of mockery to him. She believed he wasn't fit for the job.
"It’s more like I was confused. Sorry."
Nev shifted, looking at Ham. "You just need to get used to thinking on your feet. It's disorienting-" “My fucking brain’s not working right now!”
"Alright, listen." Montana finally said, stepping up for the team.
"Ark, I want you to head to the top of that building and provide cover fire while we make our way to that building, and climb up to the roof."
"Hehehe, you just read my mind there Monty." He jogs off to the edge of their building and jets off to the roof of said building.,

"From there," she turned her attention to the others, "we will jump off and ambush them from up high. Later, Ark will meet up with us at the roof for extraction."
"I will need you to clear an LZ on the roof, Ark." Montana said, keying her comm.
Ark keyed his comm, hearing Monty's order. "Copy that Boss."
New Hampshire was silent but had some respect for Monty. He couldn't piece together his mind right now, he felt like something was slowly destroying and scattering his thoughts. As if everything was slowly falling apart in his mind, he heard the rain. He always loved the rain, you know. It made him think, but in this case, it made him scatter his thoughts even more. "Montana, making you the temporary leader of this op. I can't piece together my mind right now, it’s as if something’s scattering my thoughts. I'm not normally like this."

Montana looked at Hampshire and shook her head while grinning. "This was your idea." Montana took a few steps and pulled out her binoculars to mark how far the target building was.
Ark lands calmly on the roof of the building, walking over to the edge. Kneeling down, he brought the scope to his eye, scoping through.
She sighed and made sure everyone else was ready, it was about a kilometer away, and they had to run through... with patrols of soldiers everywhere.
"In position."

"Alright. Ark, I need you to call out each and every patrol heading our way."
Nevada stepped up beside Montana, smiling up at Ark's postion. "We'll get through this unscathed, guaranteed. We've got a Guardian Angel looking over us."
New Hampshire looked at a timer and schedule of multiple patrols now. As if on cue, in a minute or two, if they were lucky, the patrol wouldn't arrive in two. If they were unlucky....well, the patrol will be arriving in five minutes.

She turned back and looked up at Ark. She nodded.
"Riiight, uh, the schedule, didn't keep my eye on it. The next patrol will be patrolling this area in five minutes." New Hampshire paused. "Wait, no, this is the until the hit of my favorite TV Show, M- Nothing. Nothing."
Montana sighed. "Ark, let us know when the next patrol is about to hit our location. For now, you two follow me."
Montana got down and moved quickly in between two buildings.
Nevada nods, and quickly follows after her.
She ran through the alley way, and before she reached the other side, a warthog passed by. Her heart skipped a beat, if they were discovered this whole operation would go to shit. She shook this feeling off and looked back to see if her team was there. "Ark, what was that?"

"Some asshole speeding." Ark replied. He grit his teeth. That vehicle came practically out of nowhere. He wouldn't mess up again. "You're clear for now, haul it."
She shook her head, turned the alley, and then quickly made her way across the street before they were seen.

She would occasionally look back to see if she was still being followed, then looked straight ahead. She cut through another alley way and stopped before she reached the end. "Ark?"
She heard chatter and footsteps growing closer and louder.
"Patrol coming in, three man team. Hunker down; I'll let you know when they're gone."
New Hampshire followed Montana, his arm spasming for a moment before getting back to normal. Hiding in the shadows and following Montana was easy enough. Sprinting across the street gave him the smallest rush of adrenaline. It was almost pathetic, and right as they reached the end they stopped.
New Hampshire tried his best to look hidden in the shadows of the alley-way, considering there were enough shadows he did his best.

Montana got behind a dumpster and looked at the shadows pass behind the corner.
Ark keeps a watchful eye on the patrol, seeing them pass by. The rain did well at masking his position, and no doubt the pattering of it against the concrete sidewalks would muffle the sound of their comrades sprinting. "Go! Now!"

Montana got up, but stood low as she sprinted across the next street.
New Hampshire engaged his reflex enhancement and quickly rushed across the next street, looking over and around them in a hyper sense of awareness before disengaging it and sticking to the shadows once more.

"Ark what's coming up on the next one?" Montana said, still moving through the alley, passing a couple of stray cats and dumpsters.
"Ark?" New Hampshire whispered through his comm.
"Ah, dammit. We've got construction on the next road..." He zooms in on the barriers and all the gear left behind by the construction teams. "Hey...think you guys can clear some barriers?"
"It's going to get us discovered. Any workers near by?"
New Hampshire stood quiet, attentive, and listening.

Montana looked up at the building they were next to.
"Do you really think workers work in the rain? Even in London the bloody wankers hid from the water.*
"If so, I think I know how we can get across..."
"Ehh, I still think it's safer if we travel from above."
"Come on, team."
"Rooftop to rooftop...makes sense."

New Hampshire followed Montana astutely, holding his rifle close to his heart.
It was a short building, not too tall, and easy to get to for a freelancer. Montana jumped onto the wall, and lunged herself to the other, quickly moving back and forth from the buildings until she made it to the top of the initial target.

"Damn. Man, love how flexible and agile woman freelancers are."
New Hampshire face palmed. "I can't replicate that." New Hampshire said, and pulled out his Humbler Stun Stick. Stabbing it into the vulnerable and easy to stick in parts of both buildings, he managed to stand on the stun stick as he removed it and put it into another weak spot. Where there wasn't another weak spot, he would just barely replicate it the way Montana did until finally he arrived on top of the roof. Took him a minute.
She looked down from where they jumped from, and then at a window from the building standing tall to the left of them of which they used to get up here. She looked at the construction site, and there stood a tall crane on the side of the street. That was their way up. Montana waited for the others until the next part of her plan was ready to commence.
New Hampshire kept his stun stick out. Honestly, in an urban area like this, he was no use. However, he was good at melee combat in close quarters, at least with his stun stick. It could extend some spikes to make it really potent.
"Guddamn these guys are amateurs. No snipers or patrols on the rooftops." Ark shakes his head in disgust. Barely a challenge at all.
"Yeah, you're right... Why is it so quiet? Where is everyone? This can't possibly be their main HQ..." Hampshire asks.

"Makes me think for once." Ark said scoping out some rooftops.
She shook the thought off and focused.
"Maybe it’s a trap?" New Hampshire said over his comm.
"Stay sharp. Twenty credits say it's going to be a trap." Ark said not even a second later
Ark pauses as he hears himself and Ham speak in unison.

"Hah, I’ll put fifty into that." Ark said jokingly.
"That was weird..." replied New Hampshire.
The one probability he ran over and over in her head.

"Well, it’s kind of obvious. Who wouldn't come to the conclusion?" New Hampshire said, turning towards Ark and shrugging.
It still echoes, but she will not show weakness in front of her team. The echoes grow louder.

"Ark, I'm curious. Are you switched to thermal?” Asked Hampshire.
She grew angry, and eventually left Hampshire; he will find a way to keep up. She jumped from the roof top, grabbing onto the claw of the crane, Looking up and propelling herself from that to latch on to one of the bars of the crane. She flips up and over and runs along the top of the bars to get to the next building.

"Huh? Oh yeah, one sec." The scope soon shifted, lighting up the various patrols on the ground. "What am I looking for?"
She pulled out her SMG, which now had a silencer on it. She looked up as she touched the roof of the building. "What have we here?" She whispered to herself. An Innie Sniper on the opposite end of the roof.

Moving across to the other area where Montana was, he followed her. "Well, I'm not sure. There should be more patrols then it is at the moment. That or these are a lot of fuck-wads. Try to look a little closer to the buildings, maybe in the windows. Snipers obviously don't have their barrel peeking out, and the heat signature would be easy to see. Trust me, I know w-"

"If Ark couldn't initially pick this up, then what the hell more is there?"
She talked. "Hey. Asshole, turn around." So he did, to meet a silenced round to face.
"I was hoping to choke him." New Hampshire fake-complained, and looked around, seeing other roofs.
"This isn't Dishonored, Ham."
"I never played it."
She put the SMG on her thigh connector. "Ark, Ark.... Are there any more?..."
"Gimme a sec..." He scans about.
"And it’s kind of fucking obvious, that any smart sniper wouldn't have his barrel peeking out of a window or something."
She walked over to the Innie's dead body and picked up his Sniper Rifle.
"The glare gives it away."
"Shit, I am blind. Nothing in sight."
She looks around with the Innie scope and there are at least a dozen snipers that were clear in Ark’s sight.

"Are you sure about that, Ark?"
"I'm telling you it's all I see."
Several snipers were set up in the floors of the buildings, and on roofs.
New Hampshire’s HUD updated, and took a peek. Only a few in his line of sight.

He quickly put his head down.
"Ark, is there any way you can possibly -"
"Nah, that’s stupid."
"Maybe you can't see the others bec-" Montana was cut off.
"Hey, asshole. Turn around." A disruptive voice coming from behind called out.
"Oh, shit..." Montana said, lifting her head from the scope.
A fist was thrown down into the floor as Montana rolled over to her right. "That was rather rude."

"Don't be a hypocrite, bitch.” The soldier said.
She looked up at an insurrectionist with a jetpack on his back. He was tougher than normal; that was clear. He was no ordinary soldier though; what was he?
New Hampshire was about to lift up his MA7B but stopped. He was in the line of sight of a sniper.
The soldier's first met the other hand. He cracked his knuckles and neck. "I'm going to have fun with you." Montana stood up.
"Let's see about that."

"...I have an idea." New Hampshire said.
She ran towards him and fired her shotgun, but the soldier was faster than her.
She fired several shells, but they were all misses, the soldier punched her in the stomach, grabbed the shotgun, flipped it and slammed her into the ground. He through it off the building and picked her up by the throat.

"Pitiful, you couldn't even last until the main building."
Once he knew the sniper was looking away, New Hampshire got up and fired his silenced MA7B at the solder at the other roof, using his enhanced reflexes enhancement to get a better lock on the soldier. However, as he finished firing his suit malfunctioned a bit before getting back to normal. It taxed him way more than usual and left him mentally exhausted. This would have gotten him unfortunately noticed, even if a little bit.
"F-Fuck you."

The soldier dropped Montana and barrel rolled to the side, dodging the AR rounds.
He looked down at a sniper and picked it up. He jumped off the edge and charged at Hampshire.
Ark finally gets a clear line of sight of the soldier, sighting down on him.
"See ya in hell wanker." He fires off two silenced shots.
New Hampshire crouched and engaged his hardened armor and Enhanced Reflexes enhancement. He props up his legs, ready to kick the soldier.

Montana coughed as she fell to the floor. She was pitiful, she couldn't even last five seconds with the soldier, how could she do this? She wasn't fit to be a leader. She let the squad down.
The Soldier was about to slam his fist into Hampshire's face but he dropped two feet away.
He fell to the floor, Innie sniper in right hand, and Jetpack now shut down.
"Nice shot, Ark." Montana called over the intercom, panting.
New Hampshire got up and disengaged his enhancements. He jumped over to the other roof, and gave her his hand to help her up.
"I am the best." He calmly replies, slipping in a new clip.
She took out her SMG and aimed down the sight to where an Innie Sniper sat aiming at Hampshire's head.

She fired three rounds and he came tumbling down.
"Where's Nevada?" Montana asked looking up from her scope.
New Hampshire just noticed now that she was not here.
 She stood up from a crouching position.

"I thought she was following us." Said New Hampshire looking around behind him and shrugging.
New Hampshire nodded and pulled out his MA7B before looking across to the other rooftops.
Noticing his gun was rather inaccurate, from briefings, he pulled out his magnum.
Engaged his enhancement, and shot his silenced magnum three times. One hit the butt of the Sniper, and the other one hit his sniper rifle, and the last one pierced the Sniper's helmet accurately.
Montana looked at him jumping, still panting. She was nothing compared to the others. She was just a medic. Why was she taken for this job? She didn't stand a chance against Carolina, couldn't against Maine, she's nothing like Arkansas, or new Hampshire. She nearly died today, nowhere near achieving the objective.

This feeling wasn't one of her probability rounds played out. But soon this feeling of depression turned to anger. New Hampshire, using his enhancement, killed two other snipers and used his only two clips for his magnum.

She stood up. "There are more snipers scattered around the city blocks. Our Thermals won't be able to catch them; they are using some new type of armor.
"Out of ammo for my magnum. High cost ammo, too."
"This is all that could have been marked now. I saw a lot more building watchers with that sniper rifle. I guess it's more advanced than ours in some way. They must have a scientist on the inside." Montana said.

"Are you any good with a sniper rifle?" Hampshire asked looking up at her.
Montana finally moved from her spot on the building, jumping rooftop to rooftop, she made it up to a building behind Hampshire. "No." She handed him the sniper.
"Then it’s best if you stay hidden, and if you have the chance, kill them off without revealing yourself."
"I mean, it's a weapon, I can use it, but I'm not as good as the others. I'm assuming the same goes for you?"

"No." Hampshire stated-matter-of-factly. If anyone seen his smug look in his helmet...
"I was trained in the use of all kind of weapons."
"In fact, its what I was recruited for."

"Then why don't you hold the sniper?"
New Hampshire slowly made his way down to the alleyway of the two buildings, his eyes eying a sniper rifle of a dead insurrectionist.
"That's exactly what I'm going to do."

She jumped to his rooftop above him.
New Hampshire made his way down and picked it up, along with the main ammo. He found four tesla armor piercing bullets, ready to pierce like the spear of hades.
She looked up and she hasn't realized how far they've traveled. "Well, shit... Ark, make your position here now."

"Do not stay on the ground too long. They know we are here."
Just then, a tank rolled up on Hamp's side of the alleyway.
Climbing adeptly back up and making his away across to the same rooftop Montana was, he rested his sniper rifle on the edge of the roof... then he quickly retracted it
"Tank tank tank..."
Multiple Warthogs circle our general location searching for them.

He slowly stood, clenching his rifle tightly. "A’ight, I'm moving. Gimme a few minutes."
"I don't think we have a few minutes." Hampshire returned, growing paranoid.
He begins making his way toward them as fast as possible.
"Don't rush me!" Ark demanded.
She stood tall looking down at all the soldiers.
"Try to look small, for the moment." New Hampshire said, and layed his back down on roof.
"Heh. I can take at least fifty of 'em, how about you?"
"I can too, but I need at least one grenade."
"Oh, and your shotgun."
"What about it?" Montana asked.
"I won't need it. Something's telling me to go down there. We'll be alright." Montana said staring at the enemies.
"Right." Hampshire said looking at her, wondering why she won’t get down.
"We have a guardian angel, right?" Montana asked.
New Hampshire got up, getting up to be as tall as Montana. "Sure."
"Except I have a demon of hell at my side."
She put the SMG on her side and grinned behind her Helmet. She loved Omega right now.
"I think I have the same exact problem, Hampshire." Montana said, tilting her head his way.
"Except my story is told differently." She said, as she ran to the end of the roof with a grin and jumped off.

She landed on a soldier, and snatched his weapon from the air; she fired a couple of rounds of the pistol taken then rolled over to dodge a rocket fired at her.
New Hampshire had a wolfish grin. Jumping off the roof, he engaged his enhancement. He knew that this will bite his ass real badly later on, so he likely won’t be operable when at base.
Three shots. Three kills.

"Damn people, you guys are having fun aren't you?" Ark said, still trying to make his way to the other’s position.

She picked up a dropped shotgun ran over to an enemy, jumped over him and shot him in the back. She then looked at the tank as it fired.
New Hampshire landed on one of the people, and grabbed his grenades. Hurling them along with the innies grenades, he threw it at a warthog and it exploded as Montana flipped back to in front of it and dropped her shot fun.

‘It was a waste, sure. But it killed about four.’ New Hampshire thought to himself.
"This one's for you!" she jumped onto the cock pit.

Took a grenade and pulled the pin, then jammed it through the metal of the tank, getting it stuck in the cockpit.

She jumped off and watched it explode, pulling out her SMG and killed about five more soldiers.
Pulling out his MA7B, and Sniper Rifle, Hampshire shot off about five before running out of ammo. And then he put the sniper rifle on his back, and stabbed an innie in his heart using a machete from one of the soldiers, destroying his vest.

Montana took out her magnum and shot a soldier who was about to hit Hamp from behind. She stopped firing. They were all dead.

New Hampshire grabbed the shotgun from the soldier behind them, and looked at the carnage they inflicted. Dropping the shotgun.
"Wow." New Hampshire said after a while.
"We make a -" New Hampshire stopped and held his head.
A migraine went throughout his head and his enhancements were cancelled out from his HUD. They were inoperable for his mission now unless he wanted to, or needed to use it again, and the pain cascaded throughout Hampshire’s whole body.

"But how could it have gone so fast? This isn't all of them. The patrols still don't know where we are." Montana commented.
She put the SMG down and looked to the skies to check for Ark. She put her hand to her comm and spoke. "Arkansas, it’s all clear. What's your position?"

Nearly forced to the ground, Hampshire painfully got back up. The phantom pain lingered for more then a while.

Montana looked over at Hampshire and could tell he was in pain. "You alright? Anything I can help you with?"
"Not at the moment, no." Hampshire said looking up at her.
Ark pants, pulling himself onto the roof of the target building. Slowly keying his comm, he replies "On the roof! Got a good sight on everything up here! No patrols!"
"I used my enhancements...way too much." Hampshire said looking back down to the ground.
Pain was in his tone.

"We should get moving." Montana said.
"Alright...you guys look like you're in the clear, move!” Ark said aiming down his sites.
New Hampshire said, breathing in and out. "Alright." New Hampshire and Montana made their way through the alleyways, behind buildings, and crossed a street swiftly.
"Is it clear?"

New Hampshire had sight of the next road.
"Hold on, one cunt's taking a smoke." A small silenced shot later. "Go."
New Hampshire rushed across the street, along with Montana. Still holding the sniper on his back, he climbed crates swiftly, and made his way on to a rooftop. Noticing three snipers, he made his way back down and looked to the next street.

"Do you see those snipers?" Hampshire asked.
"If so, and if you can without revealing your position, take them out."
Montana stopped Hampshire.
She turned to look around the corner.
"Too... Far..."
She motioned for him to come look.
Just two blocks away was the HQ.
New Hampshire walked to her again and seen the HQ.

"Guess we are going to actually have to use the front door." Montana said staring up at the sky-scraper.
"I knew that was a viable option." Hampshire said, smirking behind his helmet.
"He said it for a reason..." Montana returned.
"He's not a kind of person to waste our time, is he?" She asked, curiously.
"Fine, fine."
Montana looked over to Hampshire.
"I was seriously asking..."
"Considering sometimes he does, I kinda got used to it." Hampshire said, answering the question as best as he could.

"...Just saying."
"Why are you looking at me like that?" he said after a while of her not responding.
She looked back to the HQ.
"No reason..." She smiled under her helmet, and started running along the barren sidewalk that sat alongside the road. She stood low.

New Hampshire waited, and then swiftly followed her, crouch-running.

"You know, you are really suited to leadership… Wasn’t being sarcastic."
"You can say that. I know you're lying. I'm trash." Montana said, getting down again.
"Then you wouldn't know truth when its right in front of you." New Hampshire said, chuckling. "I couldn't piece my thoughts together, and yet, you took the initiative."
"What a great first mission of PFL-" She stopped and stepped aside into an Alley and put her back against the wall.
New Hampshire walked inside of an alternate alley, crouched and backed into a corner, he hid in the shadows.

"But I couldn't even fend for myself against that soldier." She whispered, as a tank drove by.
"That's because ambushes do that." Hampshire said trying to console her.
"If you had known, you would have killed him."
"Look at how you handled yourself fighting back to back with me. That’s proof."
New Hampshire whispered all this as he eyed the tank
"That wasn't me... That- that was something else..."

After the Tank turned the corner several blocks away, Montana stood out from the alley and continues crouch walking.

"You know you two," Ark started from his perch, "getting kind of boring up here.
New Hampshire didn't reply at first. "I'm not going to pry."
"And Ark, if you want, I can take sniper dut-“
"Well, consider this your lucky day, Ark." Montana cut Hampshire off.
"We need you right now. I need you all..."

She stopped moving, and there stood the HQ Guarded, of course. She stood maybe 40 feet away from the front line, and after a while her hand slowly made its way to her SMG on her thigh.

"...You know," New Hampshire started,
"If Nevada was here, This would be so fucking easy."

"Hey, guys." Montana said with a grin to the army of innie soldiers. "Me first." She jumped back and pulled out her SMG. She landed on her feet, in a crouching position and fired at the front soldiers, taking them down. She ran towards the Land of Enemies. She moved swiftly through the heat, making it into the group. New Hampshire's hand moved to his sniper rifle, and started shooting his rifle. It was awfully light, and that was saying something. Maybe it was a mix of a

gauss cannon or something? Montana dodged two punches. She dropped, causing two soldiers to hit each other. She jumped up, spread her legs to kick them from either side, grabbed a shot gun and a battle rifle and started shooting in all directions.

Nevertheless, New Hampshire picked up the grenade he picked up from another innie soldier, and threw it into the line, away from Montana before bringing up his assault rifle and firing into the crowd.

She rolled to her left, dodging a shot from a gauss warthog. She fired her battle rifle taking the gunner out.
New Hampshire ran up behind an enemy and broke his neck, killing off a soldier. As if on cue, the grenade went off, causing another soldier with grenades on his person to explode right by the warthog, rocking it.

Montana spun around, dodging a punch from an innie soldier, and hitting another with her gun as she spun. She flipped over the initial innie and shot him whilst in midair.
New Hampshire got his assault rifle and grabbed it by the barrel...and subsequently slammed the grab in another soldiers face, breaking the man’s nose and incapacitating him. When the soldier landed on the floor, Hampshire slammed his foot on the neck of the soldier and lifted up his rifle whilst such happened New Hampshire fired his last clip into the crowd, killing six soldiers.
Montana pulled out her SMG again and dropped to a crouched position, firing towards the entrance, taking out about three soldiers.

The mag ran out, she through it an innie in front of her, pulled out a mag, ran up and kicked him, and used his body as support. She ran up his body, grabbed the gun and reloaded it. She shot the Innie in the head, and jumped off from his body, dodging a tank canister shell shot.
Breaking the man’s neck with his foot, New Hampshire pulled out his humbler stun stick, and ran up to the tank as fast as he could. Hidden, he also grabbed the man’s grenade. Slamming his Humbler Stun Stick on the metal latch, he pulled and broke it. Unfortunately, this time that took him to do such a thing, he was fired upon by the tanks machine gun. Thrown by the power of the machine gun with the combined hit of the barrel of the tank, he flew into the wall, effectively hurting him.

Montana picked up another SMG from the floor and wielded them both in her hands. A Warthog drove full speed towards Montana, she waited until the right moment, then jumped over, shooting the driver in the head, making the car turn and crash into the tank, so kicked up a grenade, then punched it in the direction of the two vehicles, and shot it. Causing a big explosion killing at least 20 soldiers.

She dropped the secondary SMG, and walked towards the fire the debris of the vehicles casted on the battlefield.

A few bullets entered New Hampshire's armor, and hit bone. Ultimately if he took medication and help right now, he would still need to take the bullets out later on. New Hampshire threw his grenade at a tank entering the area.

It exploded in a firey color of blue and green, finally ending at yellow.
The glare of the fire reflected off of her armor perfectly. Montana watched as an innie struggled to crawl from the rubble. She fired a bullet to her right, without looking, taking out an innie soldier approaching the site.

New Hampshire looked at his wounds, and another intense migraine went through his head and through his body. He wasn't meant to use his enhancement again, which he swiftly forgotten when he engaged it when he threw the grenade to get a more accurate throw. Collapsing to his knees, Hampshire gripped his wounds heavily before getting up and kicking the corpses to check if they were still alive.

She walked up to the struggling soldier, picked him up by the neck and recognized his armor. It was like the one who tried to kill her... Her eyes widened.
She pulled off her helmet and looked him in the eye.
She held him tighter and tighter until her fingers pierced into his skin, causing him to bleed excessively. He was no longer alive. She through him onto the ground. stomped on his head and kicked his body into the fire.
She put her helmet back on and looked to Hampshire. She put her SMG down and rushed to his position.
Grabbing the grenades off of the soldiers and ammo for his sniper rifle and MA7B. "Hey, uh...."
"I feel a little dizzy." Hampshire collapsed to his knees again.
She helped him up and then put him against the debris of a warthog. “What happened?" Montana asked

His vision got blurry, and he got helped up by Montana. "Got hit by the machinegun of the tank."
She checked his vitals and scanned him for the exact wounds.
"Also got bitch slapped by the barrel."
His wounds were excessive, but didn't touch his heart. They hit the ribs, though, and it looked like they were lodged in there. She applied medi-gel to the wounds, and then bio-foam to close them for now.
"Thanks." New Hampshire said, looking around at the mess of bodies they made. "I can probably stand the rest of the mission."
"I have a regenerator, but it's not as good as the one York had." Montana proposed.
"If it’s too taxing, don't." Hampshire told her.
"I won't mind, but it will consume a lot of time..." Montana said getting ready to take it out.
"I’ll be fine, for a small while. As long as I don't use my enhancements again this mission."
"That's probably a good idea, Ham.” Montana said, putting it back. She turned back to see three soldiers exit the main entrance to the outside.
New Hampshire pulled out his sniper and smirked. "They are probably thinking 'what the fuck happened here?'"

She did a barrel roll to her right, dodging shots from a battle rifle.
She ran up to one and punched him down, sending him flying back, where she went into close-quarter-combat with him.

A few sniper shots ring out, piercing one of the elites.
New Hampshire put his back against the wreck of the tank, and took out one of the elites.
Fists were thrown, and kicks were sent.
New Hampshire got up and let Montana beat the living shit out of the elite. These innie elites were pretty stupid.
Montana flipped back, kicking the innie up in the air, she then jumped up with him, and sent a fist into his helmet, sending him flying right back down. When she touched the floor again and looked up, the Elite slammed his fist into her face.
New Hampshire pulled out his magnum and gave Montana support fire.
Sending her flying back. He pulled out a pistol, and with ease, dodged all bullets fired at him.
Montana picked herself up. But the innie kicked her over, and stomped down on her chest.
New Hampshire pulled out his assault rifle, and, with hate of this, he engaged his enhancement. "HEY! COME AT ME!"  New Hampshire yelled, and fired at the Innie. The innie kicked her in the head, knocking her out, then fired 6 rounds into her chest.

The Innie looked up, and turned his back towards Hamp, which was made of bullet-proof armor, like the same material of Covenant Capital ships. He stood tall and erect, looking at Hamp.
New Hampshire engaged his second armor enhancement.

 "You aren't hard like me."
He cracked his neck and charged at Hamp, sending a fist into his stomach "I'm ROCK SOLID!" The innie said, punching him again.

New Hampshire felt his ribs crack, and head-butted the Innie. "You four inch bastard!" New Hampshire pulled out his humbler stun device and big spikes protruded from the part, and Hampshire swung at him. The Innie stumbled back and grunted. He moved towards New Hampshire.
The Innie blocked every attack with the armor on his wrist.
New Hampshire held up his enhancements and pulled out his Insurrectionist sniper rifle, and fired at the bastard.

New Hampshire fired it a few more times, but remembered the armor piercing bullets.
He broke the attack by Hamp, and he looked at the armor on his wrists. The stick ripped a piece of it off. Ark settles his sights on him. "Fucker." Unloads his clip down at the Elite.
Montana slowly got up and turned around.
New Hampshire loaded it, and fired each one as fast as he could.
She coughed blood onto her visor
Then, with hope, Hampshire rammed the elite.
She pulled it off and felt the drops onto her face, it had no feeling.
The Elite dodged the charge. The bullets deflect off of his armor.

New Hampshire felt angry.
He felt angry, so angry.

Montana lies in a puddle of water, when she looks up to the overhead where a wire sticks out.
New Hampshire got up and pulled out his MA7B and swung it was all the strength he had in his body, using his enhancements to augment his strength, if only for a bit.
She tried her best to muster out words. "El... Sho-shok him..."
New Hampshire looked up and seen the wire.
The 'bastard' looked at Monty and charged at her. He jumped up before reaching her, and slammed another fist into her stomach.
He flipped around looking at Hamp.
Hampshire jumped up and grabbed it, and threw it into the water.
There were puddles forming all around.
The Elite looked down and up at Hamp.
He ran and saw the puddle, stopped, tripped and fell face first into the puddle like a fucking retard.

Hampshire disabled his enhancements. Immediately, he lifted his stun device, The spikes an obvious part
and dropped it. Screams of white noise entered his head, and he picked up a magnum on the floor nearby.

"FINISH HIM!" The voice called.
New Hampshire fired every single round of the magnum into the monsters head.
"END-him....-finish...." The voice echoed.
"Heheheheh.... Good..." The voice disappeared.
Montana's armor is on lockdown.
Falling to his knees, and then falling on to his back, the white noise went across his mind and filled it. It felt like acid, absolute acid, destroying everything. He stood, though, vigilant. He used it too much.
She is in a critical state, and needs medical attention now or she will die.
New Hampshire limped over to Montana, and pulled out bio-foam from her pack and medi-gel. He used it the best he could. His mind was fuzzy. Everything was. Then, came the hurt.

"W-we...need help."
New Hampshire whispered, and then the pain reverberated across his whole body. Every single muscle spasmed once, and then stopped. The wound nearly reopened, and he felt like hell.
Montana coughed again, blood pouring from her mouth.
Her ribs were shattered, and lungs were punctured.
"C-contact Nev--n-" He got up again, and looked on Montana. He did everything he could for her.

"Get help.”
"Right. now."
New Hampshire forced himself up and picked Montana up to the best of his capabilities. Then, he walked down the alley-way. "ARK."
Ark keys his comm, frustration and nervousness in his voice. "Command! Mission abort, repeat, mission abort! Need evac!"
New Hampshire set her down safely against the brick wall.

She saw a blur, then saw Omega.
"Shh, Monty... Just rest... Just rest...." She fell out again.
New Hampshire slumped against the wall, hitting his head then and falling to the ground.
Ark suddenly appears beside their unconscious bodies, gently moving them behind cover.
He looks over from behind the corner.
Omega appeared on Ark's shoulder.

He jumps and looks at the hologram.
"Holy shi-!...Damn!"
"Don't do that!"
New Hampshire's brain shorted out for a moment, and his life signs dwindled to near nothing, but he was alive.
"The Elite soldier who shot Montana... Retrieve his memory file."
"Agent Arkansas.... Do it..."
Ark slowly approaches the dead Elite, lifting his head up and reaching behind to grab it.
"Insert it into your AI slot."
"Let me analyze it."
Ark looks at Omega suspiciously, then slides it into the slot.
The chip was fried, but some parts were still playable.
Omega skipped over some recruitment parts, and the movement to this city.
He stops at a part with the meeting with the boss.
He zooms in closer on the computer. The video buffers, and it becomes clear.
"That is but some of the codes. That is all I need."
Ark pulls the chip out and discards it.
“Mission Debrief: Gonna be bad.” Ark said looking at Omega.

Omega flashed away and commenced the plan. From what he pieced together, the password was a 10 letter word with characters of the list of codes displayed. Files were displayed all over Montana's visor, a good thing she wasn't there to see it. He used the codes to piece different words but finally got into the network. "I've got the data... It was a lie; the files weren't here. It's in a different location... This was a  trap to get us killed."

"They know we were coming; someone told them..." Omega looked at the agents. Ark looks back, then at the unconscious pair. He disappeared as the Pelican arrived. Wyoming stood out the back as the door opened and held out his hand to help one of the agents up.
Arkansas hands Wyoming Montana, then helps Hampshire aboard.
Charlie team was as bad as Bravo. Washington, Arizona, and South were all injured, and Texas was nowhere to be found.
Wyoming and CT seem to be the only ones in-tact.

“Where was Alpha squad?”

"They’ve finished a long time ago..." Wyoming said looking at Omega. The doors closed and they flew off. Ark slumps in one of the seats.  Montana's eyes open to see Ark. His arms lean on his legs, and he's staring ahead at the wall. "W-Was the mission a suc-" she coughed, "success?" He looks at her. "No." New Hampshire was unconscious, still. It looked as if he was mentally injured. Arkansas frowns. "It was a trap." Montana falls back out of it.

Wyoming looks at Ark.
"So." Wyoming said, getting Ark’s attention.
"Ever wondered..."
Ark looks at Wyoming. "What? Why we we’re here?"
"Why there was so much cheese in that yogurt Wash was talking about?"

Charlie Squad

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