Pilot is the first episode of the first season of RP: In the mean time.... It was written by Purple dempsey 222.


Kray is on the Playstation 57, his face flushed with rage. Kyle walks in. "What's up Kray?" "This CENSORED is team killing everyone and is stealing all the kills!" Kyle walks over with his cup of Orange Juice. He trips and spills it on the system. "Klye, I"m gonna kill you!!!!" Kray charges towards Kyle when suddenly they both get zapped and sucked into the game. "What the heck?" exclaims Kyle. Kray looks around and says "We got sucked into Killzone 20!" "Well how do we get out?" "If we finish the game we might be able to get out." "Okay, well whats the objective?" Suddenly the game changes to Rachet and Clank: Clanks in Space "Okay, what is going on ?" asked Kyle. "It's taking us through my recent game history. By the ways, tou might wanna duck." "Why?" Kyle gets nailed by a Rocket.

More soon...(SRRY)

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