People Like Grapes
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People Like Grapes is an Irish Pub in Minnesota. It's owned by a manager named Earl. Over the course of Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives, the bar falls victim to several bar fights and robberies. It makes its first and only appearance in Killed in Action.


The bar is quite small but is large enough to house nearly thirty to forty customers. It is made from timber and is quite old. Earl, the owner, is not Irish but did buy the pub from it's Irish owners. After a bar fight Earl employed to Bouncers to guard the pub from falling under damage costs again.

Role in Plot

Bar Fight

One night a man named Ryan entered the bar in hopes of being able to catch a man named Scott. In recent times Scott had stolen Ryan's girlfriend and had begun sleeping with her. Ryan had hoped to ambush him and get revenge. Eventually Scott arrived and Ryan successfully beat him down before being beaten by Scott's cohort. Ryan fought his way out of the situation at which point the bar owner Earl was going to call the police. Two patrons working for the UNSC stopped the call, Leonard Church and The Counselor then sat down with Ryan before recruiting him as Agent Rhode into the military branch called Project Freelancer.


Months after Agent Rhode was recruited Earl hired two Bouncers, Jackson and Thom to defend the bar if a similar circumstace occured. From within the bar a group of armed robbers broke out and shot some of the patrons, Thom and Jackson included. While Jackson killed the first to the third was killed by the fataly wounded Thom. The two were split up and taken to hospital. Jackson was met by Leonard Church in the ambulance and was recruited into Project Freelancer under the name Agent Utah.


  • The choice for using People like Grapes came from a comment made by Rooster Teeth Productions employee Gavin Free in a podcast.
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