Overlap is the ninth episode of Battle of Blood Gulch (Season 2). It was written by Zwd 22:57, October 16, 2011 (UTC).


Templar floated in limbo, thousands of different images superimposing themselves on his mind at once. He raised a hand, and feebly tried to wave them away. When nothing happened, he tried to move, but his armer twisted, trapping him in place.

Hello? echoed a voice in his head. He shuddered. It felt so weird to have someone else sharing you head, even if he had a good idea what it was.

"Hello?" he replied back, this time mumbling it out loud. He heard movement, and wondered what was going on outside. Hello, came the voice again, undoubtably feminine, I am Kalima, AI assistant to the Director of Project Overlap. I think we can get your armor to be a little more responsive.

The Reds sat in a semicircle, each glaring at each other. Maddox was the only one absent, having gone to check on Templar. "Well?" Clay asked, "what are we going to do know? Swanson's obviously a traitor, he hacked Templar's armor and shot at us."

"Umm..." Song said, unsure what to say next, "Maddox doesn't think that it was Swanson..." "Shut up!" Clay yelled back, "if Maddox can't see the facts, than he's an idiot!" "He's not an idiot!" Alexa contributed. "Well who else does he think did this."

Song coughed, then replied, "He thinks it's... an AI." There was a large pause as everyone in the room processed the simple fact. "You're crazy!" Clay yelled loudly, "all the AIs where wiped out!" Suddenly the room erupted when Maddox charged in.

"Guys!" he yelled, "something's happening to Templar!"

Templar waited patiently while Kalima finished the upgrades. A final shhht told him it was over. Now, Kalima said, all buisness-like, I'd like to speak to Captain Daniel Krayson. I understand he was stationed here, and he's a high-ranking member of Overlap.

"Well," Templar said, "I haven't been here long... so... I don't really know who you are talking about. Is he a Red or Blue?" A Blue, I believe. "Well, I'd better ask the guys. Could you... umm... unlock my armor?" Certainly.

The Reds watched as Templar mumbled again, something beginning with "Well,". Mere moments ago they had been watching as electricity coursed over his armor, with a few sounds echoing out. "Well," Maddox said, "he's not dead, that's for sure." "So Swanson did do something..." Clay mused. Maddox shook his head. "Those shocks aren't hurting him. If anything, they're... upgrading his armor."

Suddenly Templar jerked, then rolled off the table with a small squek. The Reds could only watch as his orange hand reached up, and used the table to prop himself back up. He was tempted to pass out, but Kalima reminded him of what he was supposed to ask.

"Krayson," he panted, "I need to see Krayson, right away."

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