Operation: THERMAL ICE is a Project Freelancer: The story of agent West Virginia(series) miniseries. It takes place five years before the actual series.

Episode 1:One heck of a parking job

Command: Nevada you don't have clearence to land yet, Texas still has to plant the charges, but you can make another sweep around the island but you don't have clearence.

Nevada: Why not, West and Alpha team landed already.

Command: To do ground recon, we still need agents in the air in case of-

Nevada kills connection

Nevada: In case of what, a Covenant armada with an experimental weapon of mass destruction.

Nevada extends the landing gear when an Elite hijacks the Pelican and says: Yes, actullay.

Nevada almost hits the ground extremely hard but activates his Jet pack and lands perfectly.

Command: We told you so.

Episode 2:

hours later West walks over to Nevada

West: Where's the ship?

Nevada: An Elite stole it.

West: DUDE! Command only allows one stolen Pelican per mission!

Nevada: Somone elses got stolen?

West: Five others got stolen.

Nevada: Oh.

Suddenly an Elite shoots West and Nevada with tranks.

West: Hey look, a sna-