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Artificial Intelligence Program Omicron was an AI component origianlly issued to California I and later, Agent San Diego.


Omicron was Alpha's morality; the part of his mind that encouraged him to do the right thing when it was necessary. Although he was only an emotional component, he was highly intelligent nonetheless. Shortly after his creation, he was issued to California I. He was passed down through at least three Agents known as California.


After Agent Maine went rogue and began stealing AI fragments, Agent Sacramento, now known as Sergeant Bradley Christopher, decided that the

only way to keep Omicron safe was by hiding it. He stored him in one of the terminals on Standoff. Not much later,

Full Name Artificial Intelligence Program Omicron
First Appearance Operation Omicron
AI Fragment Conscience

Freelancer (formerly


Agent Montana, with the intention of contacting Sand Diego, accidently ejected the chip containing the Omicron AI. Only minutes later, Maine attacked Montana and his teamates.


 Maine would never find Omicron, for he was killed months later. Soon after, Sacramento found and arrested Montana and confiscated his AI. Omicron is currently in Sacramento's possession.

Personality and Traits

Omicron is very optimistic and compassionate due to being Alpha's morality. He is very intelligent, though he is no Delta. He often looks for a peaceful solution which is seen when Sacramento suggests bombing Regen City hoping to kill Montana.

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