A drabble one I helped my friend write. Also on RvBfics.


He was having the nightmares again.

South stood outside the small camp she and Wash had built. With North off an another mission, she was paired with him.


Then she heard the whimper. Turning around, pistol ready, she crept into the tent. She turned to Wash's cot and froze.

His helmet was off, and his face was twisted in agony. South stood, bewildered, as he twisted and writhed, hands groping for something, mumbling inchoherently. She could only watch as the nightmares tore him apart.

His hand shot up in a fist, came down with a crash. He whimpered again, and clawed at the back of his head.

"Wash? David?" she asked, nudging him.

He quieted.

Wash woke up with a jerk, looking around rapidly. He looked around, ready for anything. He saw the tent flap close, a purple boot slipping out. South.

A smile tugged on the corners of his normaly frowning mouth, and he fell back to sleep. At peace.

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