Nick Johnson
Name: Johnson
Affiliations: Red Army
First Appearance: Better Dead Than Red
Armor Color(s): Orange (Coral in Halo Reach)
Occupation(s): Red Army Private
Weapon(s): DMR, Sniper Rifle, Pistol
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"This team sucks."
—Nick's opinion of Red Team.

Private Nick Johnson is a new recruit assigned to the Red Base Outpost 0-B in Hemorrhage Canyon.

Role In Plot

Nick arrives with teammate Joe Daniels at Red Base in the second episode. It is revealed that Joe is highly annoying and that Nick has already become annoyed with him and he immediately leaves Corporal Michael Smith alone with him. After a brief introduction to his new Sergeant, he finds out he's bunkmates with Joe. He then takes part on an assault on Blue Base with Michael and Joe, and they manage to temporarily capture the Blues' CO, Lt. Brian Richards, who manages to escape when he and Joe begin to argue. Nick then proceeds to help Michael repair the their Warthog, rather than stay in the base with Joe.

Relationship With Other Characters

Red Team

Sergeant Jones

Nick's introduction to his Sergeant was brief and unenthusiastic. He quickly realized that Sgt Jones has little desire to be with his team, and as a result has had very little interaction with him.

Michael Smith

At first, Nick didn't care to meet Michael upon arrival and immediately left him with Joe. After their botched assault on Blue Base, Nick helps Michael repair their Warthog, and the two begin to bond, with Michael telling him about his tragic past.

Joe Daniels

Nick became extremely annoyed with Joe during their flight to Hemorrhage Canyon, and has maintained a level of dislike and frustration with him.

Blue Team

Brian Richards

When Red Team captures Brian, Nick initially wants to shoot him, rather than holding him captive.

Jack Reynolds

Nick has yet to form an opinion on Jack, and their only interaction so far has been shooting at each other.

Austin Wells

Nick has little opinion of Austin, besides Austin being fat and a bad driver.

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