New Validimire
A native village overlooked by a Sniper


New Validimire


Suffering Environmental Damage (bushfires)

New Validimire acts as a planet in which many of the Agents train, attempting Aerial Drops from a high speed Pelican in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives. The planet resembles that of village-settled South Africa with natives building wooden or straw huts for living in. It is typically a third-world location.


New Validimire is a third-world planet. It's ecology is mostly forest. However, since the bushfires became more frequent (due to the planet's rotation cycle bringing it closer and closer to the system's star) much of the planet's surface has become barren, or in some locations completely dead with black rock as the only remains of life. The planet's central village is the Village of Vane, one that was occupied by hostile natives.

Role in Plot

In 'episode 05 of Season One, Carolina and Four Seven Niner led a squad of Freelancers in aerial drop training. Agents were required to drop and were given time limits to reach a rendezvous point. Each sequential drop would result in a different challenge, however, unintentionally, some of the villagers mistook agents for hostiles and engaged them with firearms. The agents then attempted to humanely incapacitate them and flee.


  • New Validimire is based on South Africa
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