New Arrivals is the first episode of Outpost Zero .


Privates Austin Wells and Jack Reynolds arrive at Blue Base. Austin quickly annoys his commander, Lieutenant Brian Richards.


Red TeamEdit

Blue TeamEdit


A blue soldier with an EVA helmet stands on top of Blue Base as a Falcon drops off a thick-armored soldier also in blue.

Blue with EVA: "Hunh... they're actually early..."

Thick Armored Blue: "I'm Private Austin Wells. I just got shipped from Frostline."

Blue with EVA: "I thought there was supposed to be two of you being shipped in?"

Austin: "There is I think, but I uh missed my pickup so I got on the next flight which actually was like more direct or something, I don't know..."

Blue with EVA: "Alright then... Well I'm Lt. Brian Richards and this is Blue Base. This is the top of the base, we have a garage down that ramp, inside the base is either down that hole or through the back."

Austin: "What's that rectangle thing?"

Brian: "Teleporter... except it doesn't work. It's hooked up to that computer over there."

Austin: "Oh sweet, we got a computer? Does it have any games?"

Brian: "Umm... It has Solitaire but that's about it. It's pretty useless."

Austin: "Well, let's go download some games or something."

Brian: "We don't have a Network connection or anything. We're in Red territory."

Austin: "So?"

Brian: "So that means we aren't getting transmissions to the Network from them."

Austin: "Oh... that sucks."

Cut to Red Base. A maroon soldier approaches a soldier in standard red with an ODST helmet who is sitting in the sniper nest.

Maroon Soldier: "Um.. Sarge? I think I saw a Falcon land by Blue Base. They're probably getting reinforcements or recruits too."

Sergeant: "Ok."

Maroon Soldier: "That means our recruits should be here soon too."

Sergeant: "Yeah... I'm aware."

Maroon Soldier: "Well are you going to show them around or something?"

Sergeant: "Why can't you do that, Corporal Smith?"

Cpl. Smith: "No I can... I thought that you'd... never mind."

Corporal Smith returns back to the roof of the base.

Cut back to Blue Base

Brian: "Why's your armor all bulky and thick? Is it like up-armored or something?"

Austin: "What? No. I was too fluffy to fit in regular armor, so they had to make a larger suit."

Brian: "Fluffy? You mean fat?"

Austin: "I'm not fat! I'm fluffy!"

Brian: "You... no. You're too fat for regular armor... Ok then. How much do you weigh anyways?"

Austin: "You mean with the armor and everything like all together?"

Brian: "Um... sure?"

Austin: "I don't know."

Brian: "You don't know how much you weigh?"

Austin: "I know how much I weigh by myself, but I don't know how much I am with this armor."

Brian: "Well then why did you offer to answer how much you weigh with the armor?"

Austin: "What are you talking about? I did?"

Brian: "Yeah when you said with the... Fuck it. How much do you weigh by yourself?"

Austin: "In kilograms?"

Brian: "Sure."

Austin: "I only know it in pounds."

Brian: "What the... Then why did... Ok. Fine. How much IN POUNDS?"

Austin: "347."

Brian: "Pounds? 347 pounds? Good god, how did you get that fat?"

Austin: "I'm fluffy."

Brian: "No. 340 is not fluffy. That's fucking obese!"

Austin: "Oh yeah this medic told me I caught obesity."

Brian: "Caught? You can't... Do you even know what obese means?"

Austin: "Is that like a cold or flu or is it that thing you can catch if you stay outside in the cold? 'Cause I was in the cold for a real long..."

Brian: "No! It means you're fat!"

Austin: "I..."

Brian: "Or fluffy, or whatever the hell you want to call it."

Their argument is cut short by another falcon arriving, dropping a soldier in green armor.

Green Soldier: "This is Hemmorhage Canyon Base, right?"

Brian: "Yes, this is Hemmorhage. I'm Lt. Brian Richards, that's Private Wells."

Austin: "Sup."

Green Soldier: "I'm Private Jack Reynolds..."

Brian: "Garage is right over there, to get inside either go through the hole, or go around the back."

Jack: "Wait... If it rains wouldn't water get in through the hole?"

Brian: "No there's a sliding panel in the floor here."

Austin: "Why not just make it so there is no hole instead of having a sliding panel?"

Brian: "I don't know, I didn't design the base. Besides, it barely rains here."

Austin: "Good I hate rain."

Jack: "I like it."

Austin: "Good for you. I hate it."

Jack: "What's with that armor? It makes you look all fat."

Brian: "He is fat."

Austin: "I'm fluffy. Fluffy..."

Jack: "Heh heh you're fat, don't lie."

Austin: "Oh and you're in perfect shape?"

Brian: "There's a difference between perfect shape and 350 pounds."

Jack: "Do you have dia... dibeese... Uh... what's that thing called?"

Austin: "Obesity? Yeah. And according to the Lieutenant it's not contagious."

Jack: "No not that. It started with a D. Dia-something."

Austin: "Diarrhea? Sometimes when I eat too much chips."

Brian: "I think you mean diabetes."

Austin: "No I'm pretty sure it's pronounced DIE-A-REE-UH."

Jack: "What? No I didn't want to know about that..."

Brian sighs in frustration and walks away.

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