Natasha Killgrave
Natasha.pngNatasha meeting Mikey
Name: Natasha Killgrave
Affiliations: Red Team
First Appearance: Muteness is Loud-ness
Armor Color(s): Pink
Occupation(s): Sniper, Medic
Weapon(s): DMR, medical Scanner
Voice Actor: IceMoonCloud
"Thank you. You're a real gentleman"
—Natasha after Mikey's complement

Natasha Killgrave is a character in the series Zanzibar. She is their team medic, and the long lost sister of Jamous Killgrave.


Natasha is very timid and calm, probably because of the boys' immaturity and overall disrespect towards her (exept for Mikey, but nobody cares about him). However, she is a good strategist, often thinking outside the box. She was the only one who went out and met the new recruit, and ironically, that resulted in Mikey having a crush on her.



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