Muteness Is Loud-Ness is the second episode of Zanzibar.


Some new characters are introduced, as well as some conversations.


Red Team

Blue Team


<LeRoy and Issy are standing on the roof of Red Base, much like the end of the last episode.>

Issy: "So.... aren't you going to go get the new recruit?"

LeRoy: "Nah. I'm sending Natasha to do it."

Issy: "Natasha?"

LeRoy: "You know.... the girl in our squad?"

Issy: "Oh, yeah!"

LeRoy: "You never met her, did you?"

Issy: "No, never."

<Cuts to a Hornet slowly going down towards the ground. Natasha is looking up at it.>

<The hornet lands, and before it hits the ground, a Maroon soldier jumps down. He lands, then looks around.>

Natasha: "Good..... I think it's evening."

Maroon soldier: "What? Oh, yeah! Hi, I'm Mikey! I'm supposed to report to a Captain Isaiah Hawkings?"

Natasha: "Yeah.... he's not the best person to talk to. I'm Natasha."

Mikey: "Wait.... where's the rest of the squad?"

Natasha: "In the base. I'm the only one who wanted to go meet you."

Mikey: "You're the only one?"

Natasha: "Got a problem?"

Mikey: "Uhh... nah."

<Natasha turns around and begins walking towards Red Base. Mikey stares after her for a minute, then follows.>

<Cuts to an area around Blue Base, where it shows Icky walking around with Noah, who has arrived as well.>

Icky: <Sarcastically> "And that concludes the fantastic tour of our amazing base. Any questions?"

Noah: "I only have one."

Icky: "And?"

Noah: "Do you have.... a Big Wheel?"


Icky: "We'll just pretend you never said that."

<Cuts to Blue Base. Jake appears to be asleep at the entrance, but there is a large clatter inside. Eventually, Issy comes out, followed by Van>

Issy: "I just can't explain it. I thought I heard heavy metal in your room.... but you can't here it!"

Van: "....." *Translation: Being mute doesn't mean I'm deaf, moron*

Issy: "Yeah, I suppose it just doesn't seem logical. Ah well, gotta go! Thanks for letting me look!"

<He jumps off the Base, and starts heading for red. At that moment, Icky and Noah arrive at the base.>

<Cuts to Red Base. Issy is walking up, as LeRoy finishes saying something to Mikey.>

LeRoy: "And that's all you should need to know about live here in Sector A. Any questions?"

Mikey: "I think so.... who's that guy?" <Looks at Issy>

LeRoy: "Oh, that's our captain, Isaiah Hawkings. Just call him Issy."

<Issy looks at Mikey, Mikey looks at Issy for a minute.>

Issy: "So, you wanna join my Lord of the Rings larp?"


  • Once more in the Spanish version, Issy does not say "Larp". He says, "playdate". This would be corrected in later episodes.
  • Issy's final line is taken from King Piccolo's (aka Darth Evil McBadGuy) line in Team Four-Stars Dragon Ball Evolution's riff track.
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