The Muscle Developer is a Bio Enhancement used by Valhalla member Agent Odin.


The Muscle Developer is as the name suggests, it develops muscle over a constant period of time. The enhancement increases the development rate of new muscle tissue, increasing the strength of the user over time. Also, with more muscle tissue, the contraction of muscles reduces in rate, increasing the speed of the user as well.


The main advantage is that the user gains more muscle tissue over time. The increase in muscle tissue increases both the strength and the speed of the user. This allows the user to do much more than a normal human could.

Another advantage is that the muscle development is constant, which allows the user to gain strength over the course of time even without training. This grants the user significantly more adaptability and versatility in battle.


A disadvantage of the Muscle Developer is that it creates a large amount of muscle tissue over a short period of time. This means that the user gains a great amount of mass rather quickly. This will cause them to require significantly more energy than a normal human would need in order to run properly.

Also, while it increases the amount of muscle tissue inside the body, it does nothing for the user's bone structure. As a result, their greatly increased strength can cause bone fractures by pure force of movement. This can be rectified if the user also develops their bone structure.

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