Modified Super Strength is a variant of the Super Strength armor enhancement created by Agent South Carolina and used by Agent Nevada. A modified version is used by Hawaii.


This variant of the Super Strength Armor enhancement is different from the original in that it promotes growth. Continued use of this variant of the enhancement creates new muscle tissue and bone mass in the body of the individual using it. The placement of the muscle development is entirely dependant on what muscle groups are used.


The main advantage of this enhancement is the development of muscle tissue. This enhancement rapidly develops and creates new muscle tissue inside of the user, increasing their base strength greatly, along with increasing the strength of the user in the enhancement proportionally. The muscle development is rapid enough that it can take the place of actually training, regardless of the weight lifted. This is what makes it superior to the Gravity Unit in this respect.

The developed tissue also increases the speed and reflexes of the user, due to increasing the rate of muscle contraction in the body.


The only notable disadvantage is that the increase in muscle tissue causes the user's body to require more energy than it already needed. However, given that the main user is Nevada, who is known for her superhuman endurance, this weakness is rendered null in her case.

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