Mind over Murder is the third episode of Family Blue. It was written by Overpaid Government Operative 01:53, October 16, 2011 (UTC).


Lopez is in terrible pain from teething and cannot find comfort anywhere. When Tex tells him that his pain will ultimately pass, it gives him the idea to build a machine that will move time forward to the point where his teething will have already stopped.

Meanwhile, Church drives Grif to his soccer game, where he gets into a fight with another fish who insulted Grif for his playing ability. He punches the fish, who Church then realizes is not a man, as he had assumed,but rather a masculine-looking pregnant woman.

Church is put under house arrest for assult and soon finds that he misses his friends. He decided to build a bar in the basement so that his friends can come visit and hang out with him. It isn't long before the basement becomes a local hot spot. When Tex discovers this, she's upset, but then she gets a chance to sing on stage before an adoring crowd. As she enjoys the spotlight, Church becomes increasingly uncomfortable with all the attention she's getting, especially from the male patrons.

Meanwhile, Lopez's time machine plans are discovered, causing him to panic about breach of security. In a clear move to protect the plans, he uses the machine to go back in time before his plans were actually found. But he reverses time as Church is having an epiphany about how poorly he treats Tex and seconds before the basment bar goes up in flames. Lopez even manages to back time up to before Grif's soccer game, successfully avoiding the whole altercation between and the pregnat soccer mom. But, unfortunately, his teething pain is still with him.

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