"And that's why I want to kill you."
—Iron Fist.
Mike "Iron Fist" Harold
Recon-Man 3
Name: Mike "Iron Fist" Harold
Affiliations: Blue Team
First Appearance: RP: Battle of Blood Gulch
Armor Color(s): Blue
Weapon(s): Gravity Hammer, Macnum
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Mike "Iron Fist" Harlod is a soldier in Battle of Blood Gulch, and best, though suspicous, friend of Daniel Krayson.



Blue Team


"Krayson! Is that you?

Mate? Blimey, I can't believe it!

You've got to tell me everything!

Umm. Maybe not everything."

—Krayson meeting Iron Fist again.

Krayson and Iron Fist used to be buddies, stationed at Longshore toghether. However, when the Covenant attacked, Krayson disappeared until Blood Gulch. Iron Fist is determined to find out what happened to him, and why he seems... different.


"Listen. Either you get your piece of crap body over that cliff and start fighting, or you can take my pistol and shut your piece of crap head off!!!!"
—Iron Fist arguing with Jenkins.

As the above quote shows, Iron Fist has a less than happy relationship with Jenkins, whom he views as a coward, once describing him as "acting like a 16-year old girl".


"I don't want to talk to you."
—Iron Fist upon meeting Martinez

Iron Fist and Martinez have had little interaction, Martinez thinking him an idiot. However, Iron Fist would trust him in a firefight, seeing some of himself in him.


"Stay away from him. He's mine."
—Iron Fist talking to Swanson.

Iron Fist respects Swanson for his technical work, describing him as "one of the only smart ones here" but doesn't exactly trust him. Swanson is on his list of Why Krayson Acts Different, under "Causes" and until his investigation concludes, he keeps Swanson away.

Red Team


"Nice kill streak. Five bucks says I can beat it."
—Iron Fist challenging Killgrave.

Much like Song, Iron Fist enjoys competing with Killgrave, hoping to beat his kill streak. No sign yet of if he actually hates him.


"If a girl can do a job better than a man, well, bring it on!"
—Iron Fist encouraging Alexa.

'Fist respects Alexa, and views her as a dangerous enemy. He remains polite, however, she is also on the "Causes" list.


"Hmmm... looks like a nerd."
—'Fist observing Maddox.

No interaction yet recorded

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