Lucius Mercer is a dangerous and ruthless mercenary who features prominently in the Chorus Trilogy2.0 as a tertiary antagonist alongside Locus, Felix and Goliath.

Lucius Mercer was originally an ODST during the Great War and a skilled soldier who fought in the last days of Reach.

After the Great War

In the prewar world Mercer was unable to find steady work and eventually turned to the one thing he could do best:fight.He quickly built up a reputation for being a skilled merc who would ask few questions of his clients in most scenarios.At an unknown time he was hired alongside Locus and Felix as well as a stoic ODST known as Goliath for a top secret contract referred to as Trojan Horse.

Operation Trojan Horse


Unlike Locus and Felix who infiltrated the Feds and Rebels respectively Mercer stayed with the Space Pirates and led them in most circumstances however he still answered directly to Locus and Control.

Combat and skills

Mercer is in every meaning of the word deadly,for one he is skilled at a style of combat similar to a boxer's.On top of that he is very lethal with his signature weapons the Storm rifle and the Spartan Laser due to his skill with both of them.He is also a good leader as he has a sort of charisma that makes the Space Pirates obey his commands with little question.


Mercer has shown to be impatient with people and often thinks about ways the strategy could be helped in some way.Also he has no respect for people that are his enemies and will often do what is necessary for him to win.


Locus:Mercer appears to have some level of respect for Locus for his skills and intelligence and view that as the reason Locus is in command of the Operation.He also on top of that obeys Locus without question and will stop at nothing to complete missions assigned to him by Locus.

Felix:Mercer has no positive feelings towards Felix and often views him as someone better dead then helping the mission.He also thinks of Felix as sloppy in his missions and does not see why he is so good at what he does.

Control:Mercer seems to have a mostly business oriented relationship with Control but also has some other parts to it.For one Mercer does not seem to have much faith in Control's plans and disagrees with them on a few occasions but never raises this to Control.It is likely Mercer is afraid of Control to some extent due to Control's influence in the galaxy.


Mercer's name is also his profession as his name is a shortened version of mercenary.

He is the first character whose signature weapon is a storm rifle and is also the first to use a Spartan Laser.

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