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The Insurrection Base of Operations




Abandoned from Public use, and Operational as a Military Base

The Longshore Shipyards are an abandoned public shipyard that was once used for transport and fishing services, it now houses The Insurrection. Longshore serves as the Insurrection hub location in Red vs. Blue: The Freelancer Archives. It makes its first appearance in Meet and Greet.


The Longshore shipyards are a set of buildings and warehouses that house hosted a large community of commercial fishermen and travellers. Over the years Longshore began to change and instead of primarily focussing its economy on fishing it focussed much on the imports and exports of goods throughout the world and off-world. After some unknown event took place the shipyards were left abandoned and began, with time, to collapse. This was until the semi-rogue UNSC faction, The Insurrection, arrived and placed themselves within.
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The Insurrection Base of Operations

Role in Plot

Longshore is home to the Insurrection, and acts as the first location The Rookie goes after he is recruited. Longshore is also the first location that the Insurrectionist Hawke, and his men go to after the Western Fort falls to The Covenant.


  • Longshore is a Halo 3 Multiplayer Map.
  • The location also features as a major battle location in Red vs. Blue Season 10.
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