Life in Trident is the first episode of Operation: Snowblind. It was written by MrFluffman 00:32, September 21, 2011 (UTC)


The small door at the end of a corridor of Project Freelancer's main base. There were two more like it. This one's small brass plate read: Trident.

Inside, a group of three soldiers were suiting up, quipping and bickering. One of them, a sage colored soldier, mumbled angrily as he cleaned his helmet.

"What was that?" said a brown armored soldier from the other side of the room, "you want to say something, Chief?"

"If I've told you once," warned the sage trooper, "I'M NOT MASTER FREAKIN' CHIEF!"

"Yeah," snorted the other soldier, "and my name's Short Round."

"Will you two shut up?" came another voice. A blue soldier, wearing Recon armor, stood up. His helmet was off, allowing a shot of his close shaven head, somber black eyes, and hard chin, as well as tanned skin. These features made him attractive, which helped his cause as a first rate intelligence agent. Strangely, the man remained a bachelor, and, as far as anyone knew, had never displayed a moment of tenderness for any other human being besides his immediate family, and his AI, Lambda.

Not to mention that he could kill an Elite with a pistol from 5 miles away.

"You want to join in, Bond?" the brown soldier quipped. His name was Agent Indiana, and he was always infernally quoting movies. The sage soldier, Agent Alaska, shook his head.

"My name's Aaron. Codename Idaho. And you," Idaho responded, poking Indiana in the chest, "should call me Captain." He then marched from the room, hiding a smile as he left.

"He just needs the right woman," Alaska muttered, leaning against the wall in a relaxing gesture. Indiana laughed.

"Yeah, but who?" he said, "all we've got is South, Utah, and Maryland. Maryland's AWOL, South is a backstabbing (deleted), and California's got Utah."

"How do you know that?!"

"I have my ways."

"You guys coming or what?" came the voice of Idaho from down the hallway. Hurredly, the other members of Trident Team leaped up, slid on their helmets, and headed down the hall.

"Hope you guys slept well," Idaho said as they caught up.

"Why?" Indiana responded.

"Trinity and Vector are there too."


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