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"Last Minute Maintenance is the first episode of Battle of Blood Gulch: Season One. It was written by MrFluffman.

Last Minute Maintenance

Richard Maddox was underneath what was possibly the most dangerous peice of equipment he had ever built, and that included discovering what made plasma. Ouch. Maddox shifted slightly in the grass and reached up with a welding tool, on the backside of the Revenant. He had made it out of old parts from a Wraith. Whether it worked, however, was another mystery. Then again, someone or something had used it's canon effectively.

Maddox: 1, Killgrave: O, Maddox thought, remembering Killgrave's belief that the Revanant would not work. Well, that showed him.

"Everything okay down there?" came a female's voice from up top. Maddox smiled slightly at Alexa's voice. Never before had he had such a student. Actually, he hadn't had one before. "Everything's cool down here," he replied. Man, he couldn't believe Song had taught him slang. And with the new recruit arriving...

Michael "Iron Fist" Harlod darted down a corner in Blue Base, yelling out, "Swanson!" Over and over again. Then he heard the explosions. Probably not a good thing. Suddenly Swanson came running into the room, yelping at the fire on his back. Martinez darted after him, yelling, "Wait, the fly's still on your back!"

"Get the crap away from me!" yelled Swanson, darting behind a large table, and turning it over. Martinez stopped, his mind still trying to process what had happened. 'Fist stepped forward.

"Martinez," he said, trying to calm him down, "why don't you go see what Jenkins is doing. Maybe you can help."

Martinez nodded slowly, then turned and jogged away. 'Fist turned around to Swanson, who was slowly but surely emerging from behind the table. "Thanks, man," Swanson said, "I thought I was a goner there."

'Fist nodded, then said, "Hey, Swanson, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a second."

"A second?" Swanson asked, "no can do. I've got stuff to 'screw with' as Jenkins likes to say."

"It's about Krayson." 'Fist said. Swanson looked up.

Krayson yawned and stretched for a minute. He and Jenkins had been scouting on the Reds for a whole hour. So far, nothing had happened. Jenkins turned to him.

"Could you stop yawining?" Jenkins asked, his voice taking on the annoyed tone it had even on the best of days. "It's driving me crazy."

Krayson popped his back, then turned to Jenkins. "Nothing wrong with a good yawn, mate," he replied. "Looks like you could use one."

Jenkins snorted and turned back to his work.