Kray Jackson
Name: Kray Jackson
Affiliations: Blue Team
First Appearance: RP:In the Mean time....
Armor Color(s): Blue,Purple
Occupation(s): Game Addict, Internet Addict, Captain
Weapon(s): Spartan Laser,DMR,SMG(In Flasback episodes.)
Relative(s): Unknown
Armor Enhancement: None
Voice Actor: Purple dempsey 222

"You need to stop playing Minecraft."

"No, now bug off! I need to find some obsidia-CRAP YOU CREEPER!!!!!"

-The team having an intervention for Kray's obsession with Minecraft

Kray Jackson is a character from the Role-Play In the Mean Time... He is the commander of the blues at Anchor 9


At the age of 10 Kray became an anti-social (except online) game addict. At the age of 21 his parents forced him into the military. Years of Call of Duty gave him perfect aim, and being Number 5 on the Mortal Kombat International Leaderboards made him vicous in hand to hand. After training he (due to an computer error) was involved in ONI Section 3 Black Ops. But, one time during a mission he killed everyone on his team(for unknown reasons). He is now at Anchor 9 serving punishment.


Kray thinks of life as a giant video game. He often uses video game terms in combat, and calls training The Tutorial. He also uses the computer often, getting on Youtube almost as often as he plays video games. Because of that he almost constantly shouts memes. For example:

"So that would mean we go around the-"


Kray can be serious, but rarely. Because of that the Blues made a chart dictating who's in charge depending on what day it is(only if Kray is wacky that day).



-Kray shooting his Spartan Laser

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  • Kray loves very old games, like Devil May Cry, Call of Duty, and Skyrim. Because of that his room is filled with old systems, varying from Atari 2600 to Xbox 360.
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