Name: Beckett
Affiliations: Blue Army
First Appearance: Combat Plan (flashback)
Armor Color(s): Teal with Blue Trim
Occupation(s): Blue Army Second Lieutenant
Weapon(s): DMR, Pistol
Voice Actor: {{{voice_actor}}}
"I don't think any of us have luck any more. Try not to get yourself killed."
—John's last known words.

Second Lieutenant John Beckett is a Blue Army soldier seen in Brian's flashback. He was the unofficial leader of a team of new officers including himself, Brian, Ashley, Bass, and Colme. In addition to being the unofficial leader, he also served as a copilot for Ashley. When their Pelican is attacked by Red Army Falcons and Ashley is severely wounded, John is reluctant to bail out of the falling Pelican and leave Ashley behind. Eventually, Ashley is able to convince him to bail out of the Pelican with Brian and Bass. After locating pieces of Colme's body, he leads Brian and Bass to the crashed Pelican to see if Ashley survived. Upon getting close to it, Bass is sniped in the chest by Peter Jones, who is with a couple other Red soldiers but is still a Corporal. John tells Brian to get Bass to safety and begins to fight his way to the Pelican, but is never seen or heard from again.

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