The Jewel of Radiance is the bio enhancement used by Valhalla Agent Thor.


The Jewel of Radiance, unlike other bio enhancements, is not a technological device. Rather, it is a piece of ruby quartz crystal that has had modifications done to it that grant it a high concentration of energy. When in contact with a living being, usually a mammal, usually human, it will increase every single bodily function to incomprehensible levels, which increases the user's strength, speed, durability, endurance, intelligence, and regeneration.


The main advantage is that it increases the user's strength, speed, durability, endurance, intelligence, and regeneration to such extents that one could call the user invincible. This bio enhancement grants Thor such abilities that he could be considered unstoppable in a life or death fight. This also grants the user a degree of immortality, as the incredible kinetic energy creates the matter necessary for cells to develop, granting the user limitless regenerative capabilities.


There is one and only one disadvantage. The disadvantage is that the Jewel only works while it's in contact with the user's body. The second it's removed, the user becomes just as helpless and vulnerable as a regular human. And, should the user die, even if the Jewel comes back into contact with the user, the user will not return to life. Thor seems to attempt to compensate for this by embedding the jewel into one of his vertebra between his lungs.


  • The Jewel of Radiance is similar to the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak, which is used by Piotr Rasputin and formerly Cain Marko from Marvel comics, who Thor, the user of the Jewel of Radiance, is based on.
  • Due to the Jewel being composed of incredibly high vibrating ruby quartz, it is unknown if it can be broken or disassembled like other bio enhancements. It is also unknown whether, if it can be destroyed, if it will explode when damaged due to the incredible vibration levels of the jewel.
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