The Shoulder Mounted Jet Boosters is the prototype armor enhancement given to Agent Arkansas upon his inductment into Project Freelancer: Rebirth. Based solely off of the original jet packs used by the UNSC during the Human-Covenant War, the jets were slimmed down to exhaust ports mounted on the armor of the wearer's shoulders. Despite it's size, is could easily lift even the heaviest known person off the ground with a simple brief firing of the boosters.

Due to initial tests consuming large amounts of energy, the enhancement also gained a little addition: solar powered panels. The panels were able to consume power from the sun and store it, even when the jet boosters weren't in use. Despite this, the boosters still consumed large amounts of energy, constricting Arkansas to day-time missions until a new energy source was given. The solar power panels were eventually replaced by the Dark Matter Converter.

Arkansas has only used them once, during the final stages of Mission: AI to save Utah's life.

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