Killgrave aiming at the Blues.

Jamous Killgrave is the leader of the new Blood Gulch Red Team. He is most famous for his ability to talk his way out of a situation.

Early Years

Jamous was born with a learning disability that prevented him from being brilliant in school. He thus resorted to his natural charm, winning grades just by being awesome. His parents made him join the army so he could do something in his life.


Killgrave was assigned to Red Team at Sidewinder, becoming Soldier of the Month many times. His 222222222222222222222 killstreak with just a pistol decided his future. He would be a military man. When Wyoming broke into and killed most of the Reds, Jamous used a secret passage he built himself to escape. When he did, he boarded a ship set to Blood Gulch.

Blood Gulch

Currently, Jamous is the only soldier on the Red Team, but with a new recruit coming, things may change. His relationships with the Blue Team can only be discribed as strained. After losing a bet with Krayson, he first used his new catchphrase 'Suck it, Blue!'

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