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James Templar
Templar at Red Base

Full Name

James Richard Templar


Red Team

Favorite Weapon


Voice Actor

Overpaid Government Operative

"Back home, I was nobody. Here, I can finally do something! I can change the world!"
—Templar explaining his reasons for enlisting to a sympathetic Song.

James Templar is the new recruit to Red Team. He will appear in RP: Battle of Blood Gulch, and the official series. He is voiced by Overpaid Government Operative.



Red Team


"Back home, everyone knew that I couldn't do anything. Here... it's a new beginning!"
—Templar talking to Song.

Templar views Song as a great guy, someone he wants to follow into battle. He enjoys talking to him, mostly because Song isn't predijuced.


"Can I borrow that pistol?"
—Templar talking to Killgrave.

Templar and Killgrave get along, mostly because they both share a love of weaponry. Templar talks to him about many things.

Alexa Woods

"Bottoms up. No, that doesn't mean you can dress casually. "
—Templar joking with Alexa.

Templar and Alexa are good friends, with Templar being one of the few people who can make her laugh. Currently, they are just friends.


"Oh come on! Just because I hang out with the girl you like doesn't mean that you have to gut me!"
—Templar arguing with Clay.

Templar and Clay are worst enemies, mostly because he hangs out with Alexa and can make her laugh. Clay plots his death a lot and has added him to the targets.


"Awesome vehicle! You know, I used to do NASCAR..."
—Templar talking to Maddox.

Templar was made the official test pilot for the Revenant, for his former being in NASCAR. He believes that Maddox is a nice guy.


"Swanson?! Little Swanson?! Holy crap, things have changed."
—Templar talking to Swanson.

Templar knew Swanson briefly at one of his previous outposts, and doesn't really trust him now, as he is a traitor.

Blue Team


"You remind me of my dad... if he was still alive..."
—Templar meeting Chief.

Templar likes Chief, but thinks he is too much like his own dad, who was killed in an explosion in a mine on Reach.


"You suck."
—Templar greeting Jenkins.

If there is one thing Templar and Jenkins have in common, it's that they both dislike the other. Jenkins views Templar as too light and Templar vice versa.


"Hey, Martinez? Found the key to the locker yet?"
—Templar joking at Martinez.

Templar's only heard of Martinez from Swanson, and thinks he's a charming idiot, often joking at him. Martinez often jokes back.


—Templar talking to Sam.

Templar struck up a friendship with Sam, and enjoys hanging out with him. Like Sam, he despises alchohol, but thinks there might be something to it.


Templar is very light and funny, loving to joke around. He often claims that "I act crazy so I don't go crazy!" This has lead him to have fun with members of the canyon.