Intensive Search is the first chapter of Twisted Rebirth. This chapter debuts the appearances of CT, Maine, Arkansas, and West Virginia, and their arrival on the USG Ishimura.

"USG Ishimura, this is Freelancer Recovery Team Alpha responding to your distress call. Come in Ishimura." Agent Connecticut said over the radio, sitting upright in the co-pilot seat of the Pelican Dropship. Besides him, West Virginia guided the ship through the massive debris field of rocks and junk.

"Huh..." West began, turning slightly side ways as a rock floated past, "you'd think with a thousand people onboard, SOMEONE would pick up the phone." He glanced back into the cargo bay as Arkansas and Maine sat calmly, the former actually laying down and the latter going over his brute shots. "You two alright back there?" Ark's snore answered him, alongside a grunt of confirmation.

"Alright, might wanna get ready. We're near the hangar." CT announced as the Pelican drew closer to the Ishimura's side. Ark swung his legs over the side of the seats and stood, grabbing the shotgun and the smg that lay beside him, standing by Maine. The exterior turned into the interior as the dropship entered one of the hangars, and softly touched down.

The door to the bay opened and Maine and Ark slowly got out, stepping onto the unfamiliar ground. They glanced around and Ark looked back as West and CT joined them.

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