One day while Project Freelancer's operatives were given the day off to recuperate from a resent battle, the group who they thought they dealt with returned. Staff of Charon exited slip space near MOI and attacked her with everything it had, but destroying the ship wasn't the Insurrectionist's plans at all. Their goal was the Director himself.

Agents Involved and Battles

As the attack was quick and sudden, not many Agents had time to prepare for it, and even with that, many were still injured or gone on missions. The only Agents able to fight off the attack were Wyoming and Florida who held the hanger against a small group of invaded, who also included SharkFace and the groups Sniper. During the battle though Wyoming took a sniper round to the chest but managed to stay conscious long enough to kill SharkFace, while Florida got him to cover. Agent Alaska was sent to guard the medical bay, which held Agents York and Pennsylvania who were healing from a recent battle. The Insurrectionist's leader formed a small group of soldier which also included the group's DemoMan, Sleeveless, and Knife Girl. The group headed towards the Bridge where the Director was barricaded inside. Fortunately Agent's New Jersey, Minnesota, and Oregon had set up a small blockade and stood to stop them. The battle begun when Oregon was attacked by the DemoMan, the Agents returned fire until the Director himself ordered them to stop. He said he wanted no more deaths on his part and when with the rebel group.

After the Battle

After the battle it was shown that the Insurrectionist's plans were to execute the Director and broadcast it live one most frequencies. The Agents and the Director's loved ones had to watch in vein as he was put in front of a firing squad and sentenced to die.

As many mourned over his death new hope and confused aroused. On a secure channel the Director himself radioed to all personal aboard MOI. It turned out that the Director had a plan himself and the person they all saw die was merely a flash clone.

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